Baby Products I Loved for Being Active!

Hi Friends! I’ve had the joy and pleasure of serving many new moms in the last few months. As a mom of five, I’ve been through the gamut of emotions and experiences with the prenatal and postpartum period. It’s a JOY of mine to help you navigate through it both physically, and mentally/emotionally as well. For us to be WELL, we need to address ALL areas!

One question I get a lot from postpartum moms is about returning to activity postpartum. This is largely dependent on YOU and I’d much rather give advice after I see you vs. giving out a general rule. I very much affirm slowly working back into activity and protecting your body as it heals, but I also believe in the importance of physical activity for all aspects of our health and it’s my pleasure to help you reach your goals!

 In thinking about postpartum activity, I wanted to share some of my favorite products for YOU and BABY as you return to activity postpartum! I’m a quality vs. quantity gal, so I’d rather invest in something that is going to last me a long time, vs a cheaper product that will be worn out with the first child. Though we didn’t necessarily plan to have five children, 🙂 I can say that ALL of these products WILL stand the test of time!! I thought it would be fun to pull them together on the blog and share!

  1. Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller – This stroller was a BIG investment for us when we had our first child. Money was certainly tight and I wanted to make sure we made the right decision when it came to purchasing a stroller. I enjoyed running and really wanted a quality jogger, so I did TONS of research before we purchased a jogging stroller. I wanted one with a front wheel that could be fixed (better for running) and also rotated(better for navigating tight spaces). I wanted it to fit through a standard door, and fold up nicely. I also wanted it to work with a car seat so we could use it right away. THIS stroller fit the bill AND more. Ask anyone with a BOB and they will brag it up. 🙂 It survived 5 kids and I liked it so much, I also bought the double jogger when we added our 2nd. I use it more for walking than jogging, but it has literally thousands of miles on it and is still being used by my family!
  2. Senita Nursing Sports Bra – I tried many nursing sports bras, and unfortunately a lot of “nursing sports” bras are low impact – meaning they are great for walking, but absolutely NOT functional for any sort of high impact exercises like jogging, HIIT workouts, or plyometrics!! I FINALLY discovered these with my last pregnancy and they were WONDERFUL, and actually a great price point too!!
  3. Athleta High-Waisted Leggings – If you follow my stories, you know I’m a huge fan of Athleta. WHY? Because they have a quality product, they use sustainable materials, they are fair-trade certified (meaning they pay their workers a fair living wage), and they are all about empowering women! They also use models of ALL shapes and sizes, showing you that “strong” and “athletic” women come in ALL sizes, not just the one society tells us is acceptable. 🙂 About this product – ok, can we all agree that we are not sure why we lived so many years with low-waisted pants? After wearing a high-waisted legging, you WILL NOT go back to any other type!!
  4. HAPPY Baby Carrier – I really did not try baby-wearing until #5 and it’s fairly obvious why I finally gave it a try – b/c momma needed her hands free!! 🙂 I actually tried a few different recommended carriers and this was BY FAR my favorite. I also had a ring sling, a MOBY, and a SOLLY wrap. I liked the others, but none compared to this one – super easy to throw on, didn’t wear out my shoulders or back, but flexible enough to roll up and throw in a diaper bag!
  5. Athleta Shorts –  My ONE piece of advice for the postpartum mom – purchase a few things that fit comfortably! Do not put up with pants that feel tight. Who wants a constant reminder that those pre-baby clothes don’t fit yet? No shame momma – you have a GOOD body that has done GOOD work, so instead of punishing it by pushing into tight clothes, BLESS it by giving it a few things that fit comfortably and take the pressure off yourself to lose the baby weight in 2 weeks. That’s not reasonable and you’ll enjoy your postpartum body a whole lot more by feeling comfortable in your clothes! You are not settling, you are giving yourself a little grace for the postpartum journey. Anyways, I loved throwing on these shorts most days in the summer with any t-shirt. They are comfy, easy to walk and move in, and I still wear them now even though I’m a size smaller then I was postpartum.
  6. Favorite Water Bottle – Ok, I know, it’s a water bottle, but I’m a bit of a water bottle junkie – I always want to try the newest brand to see if there is a cool feature that will help me get my water down better! 🙂 Ha! It turns out I just need to DRINK it!! But I HAVE tried a lot of water bottles, and I keep coming back to this one from Contigo. It is leak-proof, holds 24 oz, fits in normal cup holders, and seriously keeps your drink cold FOREVER! 
  7. Pelvic Core Online Course – All right – this product is of course my own!! Everything I teach, I wish I would have known when I was a newly postpartum mom. This is SUCH a great course to begin your strengthening process postpartum and help restore your core! My goal is to help you AVOID the common postpartum ailments – stress incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, low back/pelvic/hip pain, injury as you return to activity, and correct a diastasis. It consists of 5 min of exercises/day and a 30 min teaching video each week, plus daily accountability and encouragement from yours TRULY!!! It’s also at a price that can’t be beat!