Holiday Gifts Worth the Investment

Today I am sharing Part 1 of my holiday gifts to invest in. I am big on making smart investments in things that will last you a long time. The following items are definitely quality over quantity, but they are purchases that will last you for years to come!

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  1. Lake Pajamas – I was influenced to buy Lake Pajamas from Kate at “The Small Things Blog,” (PS – she’s a fun blogger to follow. Love her practical, classic style that is still very down to earth!) Let me preface this with a statement – I have never been a pajama girl. I’ve rarely had specific pajamas, I’d just wear whatever old t-shirt and shorts were comfortable. But…I once heard it recommended that in developing a bedtime routine for a good night’s sleep, putting on a decent pair of pajamas was helpful. And I agree! It gets my mind centered on getting ready to go to bed, and I look forward to putting on these pajamas! They are not cheap, flimsy pajamas, but substantial, soft, well-fitting pajamas that will last for years to come! While you might (like me) struggle purchasing them just for yourself for no reason, they are a great gift idea! I got these from Todd for my birthday this year and I absolutely love them!
  2. Korkease booties – Do you remember when booties became in style? Me neither… 🙂 and that’s how long I’ve had these boots! I have this exact style in taupe suede and I’m sure in the fall and winter (which is like 6 months long in Iowa!) I’ve worn them multiple times every week! They do not look like they’ve even aged! I’d much prefer a classic style in a classic color. No lie – I’d wear this shopping or for an all-day event and my feet would still feel awesome by the end of the day. As a PT, I’m passionate about good footwear, and these really are amazing.
  3. Sorel booties – all right, again, I have this exact bootie but they no longer sell the color I have. However, there are some other great options here. I purchased these last year as I wanted something more casual that I could slip on with skinny jeans and a sweatshirt or leggings and quickly run out for a few errands or when dropping my daughter off at preschool, and these certainly fit the bill. While they may be a little wide and utilitarian, they are very cozy, cute, and I leave them tied loosely so I just quickly slip them on and off without messing with the laces. 
  4. Athleta Sweatshirt – this is my very favorite go-to sweatshirt and I’ve had it for at least a year or two. If you’ve been following me for a bit here, you know my love for Athleta. I love their mission (empowering women), I love that they show athletes of ALL sizes, shapes, and colors, and I LOVE that they are fair trade! Also, as a fitness professional, you can get 30% off! They also offer 20% off sales occasionally throughout the year. Again, I know it’s a lot for a sweatshirt, but it’s incredibly soft, a loose but flattering fit (I did size down in this), it comes in tall length which is perfect with leggings, and I love the long sleeves with thumbholes. (be careful to follow washing instructions – I wash on delicate and never dry).
  5. Athleta tights – I thought I loved the leggings I had until I got this pair last year. I was influenced by the Athleta store worker and these are SO soft with a lovely high waist, stay up during workouts, and are comfortable enough for a day at home as well. I hope to purchase another pair this year b/c I’m constantly looking for them!
  6. Madewell Jeans – I originally purchased the Madewell Roadtrippers when I was postpartum with Sadie, and then I got another pair of black distressed button-up jeans last year, and though I have a couple of other pairs in my closet, these are still my absolute favorites. Needless to say, my jeans are too old that I can’t link to any specific one, but I can tell you that they are HIGH quality, don’t stretch out TOO much, and are comfortable enough that I don’t just want to get home and immediately put on my sweatpants. 🙂 When you find an amazing pair, you won’t need 5 others b/c you’ll love what you have so much it will seem unnecessary! BONUS: Madewell is doing more with fairtrade so it’s very fun to support them as well!!
  7. Noonday bag – I purchased this bag as a part of a fundraiser at least 5-6 years ago, and I kid you not…it still looks brand new. I’ve used this as a work bag, a church bag, and a bag to pack extras in on trips. It’s had so much random stuff in it and been hauled so many places and I just imagine that in 10 years I’ll still have it and be using it all the time. The color is gorgeous, the interior lining is fun, and it’s the perfect size to fit a bunch of stuff! I’ve seen various totes advertised by other retailers, and they don’t even tempt me because I love this bag so much!
  8. Noonday Earrings I have this problem – I’m attracted to statement pieces – they look so cute on other people, and I’ll even like them on myself, but I only end up wearing them a few times. Instead, I reach for the classics over and over. It’s true of my clothes too, and I still haven’t quite learned my lesson, but I have learned it with jewelry. These have been my go-to earring this fall and they are simple yet unique. I love the way they just add a little something to my outfit without feeling overdone.
  9. Noonday Necklace – If you haven’t yet gathered a theme here, I love classic, quality, minimalist styles and if I can find them in fair trade, all the better! Again, I’ve learned it’s just not worth spending a lot on a statement necklace (although Noonday has so many beautiful ones!). For me, if I’m going to spend the money, a classic necklace like this is much more worth it. I wear this at least 1-2x/week and adore it.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 coming next week! I’ll be sharing some personal care and everyday items that you won’t want to miss!