Holiday Gifts Worth the Investment – Part 2

Today I am sharing Part 2 of my holiday gifts to invest in (check out part 1 here). I am big on making smart investments in things that will last you a long time. The following items are definitely quality over quantity, but they are purchases that will last you for years to come!

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  1. Olive and June pedicure kit – Ok, I can’t speak to the longevity of this product, but I was influenced by Emily Ley, and it’s actually going to be a Christmas present for me and my girls. My girls LOVE to do nails all together – it’s a really fun “girl time” activity for us, and though a professional mani or pedi is fun, take that x4 and I’d be out over $100 real fast! 🙂 Instead, I thought I’d invest in a decent kit that includes all the essentials plus quality polish that lasts for more than 2 days, and also is a clean(er) product! I did (of course) have to at least try out the polish before I wrapped it, and I’m happy to say that it’s been on 5 days and is still looking decent! I’m really looking forward to enjoying this with them!
  2. BeautyCounter Countertime Regimen Set – All right, it took me a LOOONG time to be willing to spend more than $20 on a skincare product. For one, I’m not one who has ever gotten tons of blemishes, and so I never saw a need, but as I entered my 30’s I started realizing what everyone was telling me in my 20’s, and I probably should have started caring sooner! 🙂 I knew I wanted a clean product, but it’s hard to get around the price tag. I’ve tried a couple of other big names out there, and for various reasons, they didn’t work well for me. However, this set I’ve not only stuck with, but I can actually tell it’s been very beneficial to my skin. I believe my skin looks better than it did a year ago, and guess what, ANY product I’ve purchased from BC lasts FOREVER, so even though it’s a larger investment upfront, it lasts SO long that it’s worth it. Plus, they DO have a couple of sales each year AND you get a discount with their Band of Beauty membership. 
  3. Vitamix blender – I’ve owned exactly 3 blenders in 17 years of marriage. Some basic blender from Target, then a Ninja, and now a Vitamix. I’ve always heard how amazing Vitamix blenders are, but I liked my Ninja just fine and didn’t have a STRONG reason to upgrade. Then when we purchased our VRBO, I decided to move the Ninja up there and take the plunge on the Vitamix, especially as my oldest daughter has gotten into making smoothies quite frequently. I bought a pretty basic model and actually paid $289 for mine (this one is listed at $349). I will say, I thought my Ninja was good, but this is night and day different. It blends SO smoothly – I can throw in any sort of green, and you will not see even one single speck. I highly recommend and wish I would have taken the plunge sooner!
  4. Apple Watch – I’m quite sure my watch is a 2nd edition, which means it’s been on my wrist for at least 3 years. I got it for a birthday, and I know I wore it all through my last pregnancy, so it’s for sure 3 if not 4 years old! It was one of those purchases where you aren’t quite sure if it will be worth the price tag, and now I can safely say after this many years that I absolutely love it. I love that it syncs right with my phone, I love that it helps me FIND my phone, 😉 I love that I can look down and see the temperature and high for the day, I love that it keeps track of my steps, and I love that I can run my fitness class from it. Even after this many years, it still holds a charge for a day and a half, which is a much better life than most phones!
  5. Daily Simplified planner – call me old fashioned, but I’m still a paper and pen kind of girl. Writing is honestly therapeutic for me, and there is even science to back that up! I LOVE my planner and I won’t apologize for it! This is probably my 4th year purchasing a Daily Simplified planner and I have no intentions of stopping – they are just that good. I love that it has a monthly outlook and a daily outlook. I love the layout and I truly believe it helps me stay organized. Plus, they are just pretty and so thoughtfully done! They are not small – that is a downside – but most days it’s being carried around in my roomy Noonday bag, 😉 so it’s really not a problem.
  6. Keurig with single-serve or pot – there are SO many coffee makers out there, it’s honestly overwhelming. When I get overwhelmed, I stick with brands I’ve heard of and I avoid doing so much research b/c it just gets to be too much. We needed a new coffee maker awhile back, and we’ve always loved our Keurig, but we did want an option for when we either have people over or we are having a lazy Saturday afternoon and just want to brew a pot of coffee. This solves both options and works fabulously. We’ve had it for 1-2 years and have had no issues!

Do you have a favorite gift or purchase you’ve invested in over the years?

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season celebrating the birth of our Savior!