A Quick Holiday Tabata Workout!🌲

Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval workout known for its great benefits in a short time frame. I find this type of workout perfect for the holiday season when you’re short on time but know that moving is a KIND choice for the temple you’ve been given!

Here are the details: Repeat each move 4 times for a ½ Tabata (or 8 for a full) in a row for 20 sec each, with a 10-sec rest in between. In between each move, give yourself a 1-minute rest. Do a short warm-up and cool down, and you’ll be in/out in 20-30 minutes. Move as quickly as you can while maintaining good form. With each exercise, I show a modification. Modifying isn’t shameful – it’s smart! So modify if you need, but whatever you do, move in love. Blast some Christmas music and grab a few family members to join you!

½ Tabata:
1. Shuffle burpee (I’m moving in a small space here, but feel free to make your shuffle bigger if you have more room). Also…can we talk about burpees and tall people? I’m certain the more height you have, the more awkward you look doing a burpee! We certainly do have a disadvantage being further away from the ground and bringing our long legs in! Ha! 🙂
2. Jumping jack/squat – step it out or jump – make the squat big or small!
3. Lunge/high knee/shoulder press – love this one but feel free to add in that toe tap down if you struggle with balance! No shame in how you move!
4. Butt kick/weight hold – step or jog it out! Keep elbows around 90 degrees of flexion, with or without weight.

Let me know below if you plan to get it a try and remember that you can always save for later!