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I’ve found over the past year that my love of teaching exercise and my passion for speaking truth over women is a calling that the Lord has placed over my life, and I’m excited to continue it in this space! My mission is that you will meet with the Father in each workout – that you’ll experience His goodness, His grace, His mercy, and His love over you – His beloved child. There is no greater title than Son or Daughter of the King. Movement for any reason other than for Him will fade and lead to striving, but I’ve found that when my movement is brought before Him as an offering, I can do any workout that I like or dislike, and find transforming JOY. This is my prayer for you as well!!

Refine In-Person Fitness Classes: Summer Session

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Orange City Town Hall
  • 5:40 am – $5 a class (your first time is always free!)
  • June 8-July 22 (no classes June 29/July 1)

Hear what others have to say:

It’s hard to put into words what happens in my heart during these classes. What I do know is that the Spirit is moving and there have been so many days where I come to class struggling with an issue or belief and God has spoken through the words Tanya speaks over us. These classes are joyful and full of freedom, I find myself smiling as we’re moving. I learn ways that God speaks to me, ways that I can speak to the women & girls in my life. Grace and Truth are spoken in these classes and they are an important part of how I fight against lies in my life! I read the Bible, but sometimes I need God’s truth spoken over me!  – Michele

This is class is for the mom or lady sitting there wishing she had a place to work out free from judgments. In the class, you will get a great workout no matter what your fitness level is. This is also a place where your whole outfit doesn’t match and a place where you will find early morning friends.


This is probably the best fitness class I have been to. From the time spent in the word, the encouragement from other women and Tanya, to the actual exercise, I feel rejuvenated every time I walk out. The exercise portion is different every time and goes so fast you hardly feel like you’re there! Thank you Tanya for all of the work you do! – Sarah

Tanya does a great job combining fitness and faith! The workouts are challenging but she provides several modification options. I have found that starting the day with a great workout, scripture, and encouraging music gives me energy and a positive mindset that carries through into all aspects of my life.