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This was similarly developed to meet two needs that I was seeing:

  1. To provide a way to effectively incorporate the pelvic core into full-body workouts for my patients and clients, as well as the general population. Not only is it great preventative care, but it’s also a great way to maintain the gains you’ve made with physical therapy. So often my patients or clients would experience wonderful results but would have a hard time incorporating these exercises into their daily life. These workouts will get you moving AND provide you with a great way to keep the Pelvic Core strong!
  2. To deliver fitness in a different way. As a physical therapist, I observe fitness that is all about going harder and faster, in more challenging or unique ways. And while this isn’t all bad, it’s also a straight shot to injury for the beginner trying to jump in, and it’s often not built on a great foundation of function and correct form instruction which is going to again prevent injury. Also – it NEVER incorporates the deep core, which is our main group of stabilizing muscles! After being frustrated with this for many years, I decided it was time to offer a solution!

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Why Refine Online?

Refine Online will meet all of these needs plus more! The first series is 8 workout videos, a 6-week plan to incorporate them (if you want), and multiple short training videos teaching you the basics behind pelvic core activation, breathing, posture, form, and modifying appropriately during your workout. The cost for this first series is $79 and it’s yours to keep forever! I hope and pray it’s a great tool to help you live life to the fullest!
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