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So often as women we settle for things like leaking, low back pain, vaginal heaviness, pain with intercourse, among many others because we've been told that "this just is the way it is" or "everyone struggles with that." But what if these common issues no longer had to be your normal?

Refine exists to empower women at EVERY stage of life! It's my goal to help you have the BEST experience possible, whether you're 30 weeks pregnant, newly postpartum, or 20 years postpartum. 

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What  if  I  told  you...

And it's possible to THRIVE through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond! As a physical therapist with 15 years of experience, I've seen that the traditional healthcare model is made to TREAT problems rather than prevent them.

I started Refine out of a desire to see women not only avoid the common issues most others experience, but to actually help you ENJOY pregnancy, have a BEAUTIFUL labor and delivery experience, and a SMOOTH postpartum recovery.

I decided that instead of just treating problems, I wanted to help women prevent pain, weakness, incontinence, and ab separation, and I've seen my patients do just that! By seeing you from a preventative stand point, I can help you stay strong, live your life how you desire, and get back to doing the things you love postpartum!

That your body is GOOD! 


Ab separation/diastasis

Core weakness


Low back/pelvic pain


So what can I REALLY help you with? I'm so glad you asked...

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Painful intercourse

Labor and Delivery Preparation

C-section Preparation

Prenatal/postpartum exercise program

Returning to running/higher level exercise

Pelvic floor tightness

Scar tissue treatment

Vaginal heaviness/prolapse

What is the investment?


  • In-person initial evaluation in the clinic – $175 for 75 min
  • In-person follow-ups – $125 for 60 min
  • OB Package – $450 for 4 full appointments ($100 savings!)
  • OB Package (C Section Moms) – $350 for 3 full appointments

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The OB Package

Set of 4 appointments:

DURING THE 2ND TRIMESTER (BEFORE 20 WEEKS) - 1ST VISIT: is to teach you some gentle exercises that are going to be important to utilize during pregnancy to help keep your core strong, prevent or minimize a rectus diastasis, help your pelvic floor, prevent common pain and dysfunction that occurs during pregnancy, and also give you an exercise program you can continue on with if you desire. We can also address any pain you might be having or other orthopedic issues that may come up. This is always individualized to your specific body and needs because each woman is different!

AT 36 WEEKS -  2ND VISIT: is all about getting you ready for labor and delivery. This visit can be done with your partner. We'll go over various labor/delivery positions, and I'll be able to teach you some hands-on techniques that can both be used to give the baby more room to get in the right position, which will help decrease pain, length of labor, and perineal trauma. We'll also do some pelvic floor muscle and ligamentous balancing which helps prepare the pelvic floor and uterus for birth. other orthopedic issues that may come up. This is always individualized to your specific body and needs because each woman is different!

AT 1 WEEK POSTPARTUM -  3RD VISIT: in early postpartum is focused on getting your core muscles going again. After childbirth (c-section or vaginal delivery) it can be difficult to activate the pelvic floor or other core muscles. We'll work on muscle activation and recruitment, check for any diastasis that might be present and begin treating it if able, and talk through a few other issues that are common after childbirth. We can also deal with any pain that might be present from labor and childbirth.

AT LEAST 6 WEEKS  POSTPARTUM -  4TH VISIT: is after you've been given clearance from your physician to resume normal activity and exercise. Now we can really deal with any pelvic floor issues that might be going on such as pelvic floor muscle weakness, lack of control or motor recruitment, and pelvic organ prolapse. If you still have a diastasis I'd like to get a little more aggressive in treating that so it does not cause you future problems such as back injury or pain. And then we can talk about working into an exercise routine that works for you and your lifestyle if that is your goal. Many women jump back into exercise after they've been given clearance from their physician, without any real knowledge of how to do so in a smart way. I've seen lots of women struggle with back pain because their pelvic floor and core are still so weak. I want to prevent that by giving you the tools you need to return safely to exercise and normal functional activities.

Kind Words

Tanya has given me the mobility needed to play with my kids and function in my high placed lifestyle. Her love and compassion for her clients shows as an appointment with Tanya is a wholistic healing experience. I get more than just a PT appointment; It's a physical, spiritual and emotional experience that empowers me as a woman and my good body that has been created for me. 

It was great to gain knowledge in how to recover from having my 4th child. Becoming familiar with breathing techniques, retraining my brain, and strengthening my pelvic floor was such a win. It was great to not feel alone, and well supported working through postpartum beginning weeks.

— Mollie

I was expecting my first baby and did the OB package (virtually, I'm from Michigan!) I absolutely loved working with Tanya, she is kind, professional, and really easy to talk to. I was so impressed with the what she could help me with even though I was in a different state!

— Tabetha

What Makes Refine Different

Whether you're struggling with pelvic floor issues, ab separation, prolapse, or anything in between, you want an expert to help you, not just Dr. Google or someone who sees a little bit of everything. 

I have been specializing in women's health for over 10 years and I've treated hundreds of women both in-person, virtually around the world, and through my online courses and membership. When you work with me, you can expect personalized 1-1 care, longer appointment times, a thorough examination, and a plan of care based on your specific needs and goals.

 You deserve to work with someone who continues to stay on top of the latest research and practices in this field and has helped many women just like you

Nothing's TMI. There's no shame here. You deserve to be well. 

Refine's Story

In all honesty...I never wanted to work with vaginas. 😉 I was the former athlete who wanted to work with athletes and the modest dutch girl who would have blushed if you started to talk to me about your problems "down there." But after I had my first baby, I realized what a lack of information and help there was for women struggling with any of these issues that I now treat, and so I decided I wanted to help women rather than see them settle for less.

Now it's my JOY to work with women of all ages and I get to serve them in a variety of ways depending on what their needs and goals are. I work with young athletes struggling with leaking during activity, newly pregnant moms, couples who want to decrease length and pain of labor, the veteran mom who’s had 5 babies, and the middle-aged woman who is struggling with back pain, pelvic organ prolapse, or incontinence issues.

We're changing the story - you no longer just have to "put up with" these issues. You are made to live life to the FULL. And I'd love to help you get there. 

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Relationships are the heart and soul of my business, and if you have a question or would like to connect, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Please reach out and I’d love to get to know you better or answer any questions you might have!!

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