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  1. Do you accept insurance?
    • At this time, my business is cash-pay only. However, I keep my rates much lower than traditional therapy to offset this, plus, I have a full hour reserved for your care, vs. traditional therapy which is typically a 30-45 minute appointment. You may use your Flex spending or HSA to pay for the appointment if you like, and you can also self-submit your visit to your insurance company. I am happy to provide you with all the necessary coding and information to do so!
  2. Wouldn’t I spend less by using my traditional health insurance?
    • Not necessarily. If you are going to a hospital-based facility and your deductible is $3000 (and you’ve not yet met it), your initial evaluation is going to cost you $200-250 for 30-45 minutes. Then your follow-up visits will cost you $100-150. If you have 4 appointments, you could spend $500-700 and not meet your deductible – which means that is all coming out of your pocket. 
    • Say you go to a private practice that accepts insurance and you have to make a co-pay. If your co-pay is $75 and you have a traditional 30-45 minute visit, you save a little, but the amount you pay for the length of one-on-one time spent with your primary PT is most likely less.
    • When you pay cash or apply to an HSA or pay with Flex spending, you will pay $125-$175 for your first visit and an average of $75-100 for each additional visit. Say you have 4 visits total with me – you will pay just $350 for your visits TOTAL – similar to what you would pay with your co-pay (which does not go towards your deductible) and much less than what you would pay in a hospital-based therapy setting. 
  3. What are the advantages of non-traditional cash-pay PT? 
    • I worked in a hospital-based setting for 10 years so I’m very familiar with that type of practice. I KNOW that I can provide a higher quality of care b/c I’m not pushing people in and out the door. I give you more one-on-one time, you are assured that you will have the same PT (myself) at every visit, I equip you with the tools you need to do most of your work from home, which means LESS overall visits. In addition, because my business is cash-pay, I can actually provide the quality care and services you NEED without being dictated by only what insurance companies are willing to pay for. This means care that is designed perfectly for YOU. All of this together equals fewer visits and more money you get to keep in your pocket.
  4. How many visits can I expect?
    • This obviously varies from person-to-person, but most patients average 2-4 visits.
  5. Are you actually telling me that you can correct leaking/incontinence?
    • I have seen incredible results with women who have mild-moderate incontinence! Often times women have no awareness of their pelvic floor or think they are doing a kegel correctly when in reality they are substituting with other muscles. Pelvic floor dysfunction is multi-faceted, but I believe most issues can be corrected with a properly trained women’s health PT!
  6. Do you see women that aren’t pregnant, haven’t been pregnant, or are many years postpartum? 
    • YES! It’s a misconception that I only work with pregnant and newly postpartum women. I actually am trained and DO see women along the spectrum of life! Women in their 40-60’s (I don’t see women beyond age 65 because it’s against Medicare guidelines to use cash-pay services) can experience tremendous results in decreasing pain, improving incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and strengthening at ANY age!! Don’t discount yourself! If you have a brain, nervous system, and muscles, function can be restored, we just need to teach them how to work together! I love seeing middle-aged women and it’s my passion to help you live life to the fullest at EVERY stage!