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women's health

and physical therapy services

I love working with women of all ages, and women’s health really encompasses serving women at multiple stages of life. I work with young athletes struggling with incontinence, newly pregnant moms, couples who want to decrease length and pain of labor, the veteran mom who’s had 5 babies, and the middle-aged woman who may have back pain,pelvic organ prolapse, or incontinence issues. In addition, if you’re a proactive woman who wants to PREVENT some of these issues that can accompany pregnancy, having babies, or changes as we age, I would LOVE to see you and help you!

As women, we tend to “just put up with things.” We are quick to take care of everyone else and put off our own care and needs. But I’ve had the privilege to see women along the spectrum of life, and see how pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum recovery are all effected by one another, and ultimately have effects on our bodies for the rest of our lives. My goal is to see women THRIVE at every age so that they can do the things they want to do without any limitations.


Wondering if you are a good fit for my services? Here’s a list of services I offer and diagnoses I see:

  • Prenatal musculoskeletal pain (ie: hip, back, neck, rib, SI joint, pubic symphysis)
  • Sciatica during pregnancy or beyond
  • Labor and Delivery preparation (think shorter L&D, less pain, decreased tearing)
  • Prenatal and postpartum exercise programs that are individually tailored to you, your body, and your fitness level.
  • Postpartum consults – I recommend an appointment 1-2 weeks postpartum and again after 6 weeks postpartum. I think these should be an essential part of every woman’s care!
  • Treatment of mild to moderate pelvic organ prolapse
  • Treatment of pelvic pain
  • Treatment of stress, urge, or mixed incontinence
  • Treatment of back pain, hip pain, rib pain, or other pain associated with core weakness
  • Treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Treatment of diastasis rectus abdominis (abdominal muscle separation)
  • Specific exercise program for return to exercise or running postpartum


  1. In-person appointment in YOUR home (local area only) – $150 – $200 for 60-90 min
  2. In-person initial evaluation in clinic – $125 – $175 for 60-90 min
  3. In-person follow-ups – $100 – $125 for 45-60 min
  4. OB Package – $450 for 4 full appointments ($100 savings!)
  5. OB Package (C Section Moms) – $350 for 3 full appointments
  6. Virtual Appointment $125
    1. Virtual Follow-Up Appointments $100

The OB Package

Includes a set of 4 appointments:

    1. During 2nd trimester, preferably between 14-18 weeks, but can also be later
    2. Between 35-37 weeks
    3. At 1-2 weeks postpartum
    4. At least 6 weeks postpartum

The 1st visit is to teach you some exercises that are going to be important to utilize during pregnancy to help keep your core strong, prevent or minimize a rectus diastasis, help your pelvic floor, prevent common pain and dysfunction that occurs during pregnancy, and also give you an exercise program you can continue on with if you desire. We can also address any pain you might be having or other orthopedic issues that may come up. This is always individualized to your specific body and needs because each woman is different!

The 2nd visit is all about getting you ready for labor and delivery. This visit can be done with your partner – I’ll be able to show you both some hands-on techniques that can be used to give the baby more room to get in the right position and to help with your pain. Both of these should help decrease length of labor. We’ll go over various labor/delivery positions that will also hopefully help decrease length of labor and pain. We’ll do some pelvic muscle balancing which helps prepare the pelvic floor for birth, and there are some measurements I can take which will even give us direction with which labor positions might be best for your type of pelvis. 


 The 3rd visit in early postpartum is all about getting your core muscles going again. After childbirth (c-section or vaginal delivery) it can be difficult to activate the pelvic floor or other core muscles. We’ll work on muscle activation and recruitment, check for any diastasis that might be present and begin treating it if able, and talk through a few other issues that are common after childbirth. We can also deal with any pain that might be present from labor and childbirth.

The 4th visit is after you’ve been given clearance from your physician to resume normal activity and exercise. Now we can really deal with any pelvic floor issues that might be going such as pelvic floor muscle weakness, lack of control or motor recruitment, and pelvic organ prolapse. If you still have a diastasis I’d like to get a little more aggressive in treating that so it does not cause you future problems such as back injury or pain. And then we can talk about working into an exercise routine that works for you and your lifestyle. Many women jump back into exercise after they’ve been given clearance from their physician, without any real knowledge of how to do so in a smart way. I’ve seen lots of women struggle with back pain because their pelvic floor and core are still so weak. I want to prevent that by giving you the tools you need to return safely to exercise and normal functional activities.


“I originally started the OB package with Tanya to get pain management during pregnancy with my ribs and lower back. She was so attentive and intentional about designing a program that fit my needs for pain management and what we hoped for during labor and delivery. During my prenatal visits, Tanya thoroughly explained how and why each exercise and manipulation were important. My husband and I highly appreciated the information she gave us during our second prenatal visit. When it came time for labor and delivery of our little girl, we were able to use the manual techniques Tanya provided us with ease. As a result, our daughter was safely brought into the world in 1/3 of the time that our firstborn had been. In addition, labor was more comfortable because we were able to help babe get into the correct positioning for delivery using Tanya’s manual techniques. I also did not experience as much tearing during this delivery as I had with my first. Through her whole package and visits, Tanya was a blessing to work with. We appreciated her genuine care and prayer over our pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum experiences. I would strongly recommend Tanya’s services in meeting your prenatal and postpartum needs and goals.”

– Andrea R –