2024 Swimsuit Roundup

May 14, 2024

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It’s become a bit of a tradition to do a swimsuit round-up each spring, and while I do enjoy finding (and trying) some fun suits to share with you, here’s why I REALLY do this:

  1. A swimsuit is just another piece of clothing. But finding a swimsuit that fits SO well you can just live your life and not think about your body is a little gift. 🤩 One of the reasons I do what I do in PT is to empower you to live your life to the fullest. That means not just sitting on the sidelines (unless you want to lay out and relax – then, by all means, sit and enjoy!😉) b/c you feel self-conscious about your body. It means getting in the water, saying yes to a tub ride or water skiing (my favorite), going down the waterslide with your kids, or simply enjoying friends poolside while you get some sun. I want you to say YES to the things you want to without constantly thinking about your body.  
  2. As much as a good suit can affect how comfortable we feel, ultimately, I hope and pray that your confidence comes from a belief that your body is GOOD, regardless of size or weight. I hope you can appreciate all it’s done and continues to do for you. As a believer, I want all women to know that ultimately, our confidence is actually not found in ourselves but in Christ, who made our good bodies and calls us His own. He declared our bodies GOOD. TRUE confidence comes from knowing our worth, which is found in being HIS daughters. No size, shape, weight, or suit can change that. I pray you show up at the pool or lake this summer knowing you are royalty and can walk in the confidence that only He can give.

Albion Fit

I really like Albion Fit for classic styles that fit so many body types. They have everything from two-pieces to tankinis to one-pieces, and they’re all extremely high quality. These are on the spendier side but will last for years to come. 


I found Nani a few years ago and have loved their suits for my oldest daughter and me. They’re a little lower price than Albion Fit and have many fun colors and patterns. Like Albion Fit, they have a lot of the same styles in various prints, so if you find a style that works well for you, it’s super easy to get a new suit in another season in the same style with a totally different look. Their suits are very modest and are made to be active in!

J. Crew

 have a couple of J.Crew suits from the past that I’ve loved. Unfortunately, their modest suits are lacking this year, so I don’t have as many to recommend. This style, however, is one of my very favorites. I’ve owned it in 3 different patterns. I wear it exclusively without straps (not my choice for tubing/skiing, but awesome for laying out/hanging around) for no tan lines, and I LOVE the ruching. It’s perfect for the days you’re feeling a little bloated or self-conscious over your tummy area. After HEAVY use, the wire in the side of 1 of mine is starting to get a little annoying, but for the amount I’ve used it over 2 years, I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth. J.Crew items ALWAYS go on sale, so watch for a good one and then snag this style!


I used to buy Athleta swimming suits every year but have gotten away from them for suits (I love them for athleisure, though!). I tried this one this year and really liked it! I didn’t end up keeping it b/c I found a different one I liked better, but I really liked the high-waisted bottom and the bikini/tankini top that is bra-sized (for a better fit!). It is a nice fabric that comes in multiple colors!


Summersalt has so many fun one-pieces! In all honesty, I do not have this particular suit (the only one on this list I haven’t actually tried), but I do have a couple of 2-piece suits from this brand that I really like. Previously they did not make 1-piece suits in tall sizes, which is very problematic if you’re over 5’9. 😉 If I were to get a new one-piece (I have a couple, so I don’t need any right now), I would definitely try this one, and if you haven’t heard of this brand, go check it out b/c they make a lot of cute suits in various styles!

Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear! You can shop them all at this link!

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