Can I let you in on a secret?

September 17, 2022

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Can I let you in on a secret? It took me a year to quit my job.

I had many signs saying it was time. Life was falling through the cracks and me with it. But I couldn’t do it bc I was so scared of losing what I had – great hours right in town. Wonderful coworkers. And I thought I might never get it back. I thought I’d lose all my knowledge and skills and never get back into practicing again.

But really, it was bc my identity was found in my work, in all that was done to earn a degree and have a good job. If I quit, would I also lose myself?

Thankfully God knew. This piece of mistaken identity needed to be sacrificed on the altar so more work could be done in my heart. Staying at home was never my first choice, but it also wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I eventually realized that I didn’t need a title. I needed an obedient heart. I needed a heart that was willing to die to my own will so that I could gain more of Him.

And He would use that time of breaking me to build up the courage to say yes to another dream I never thought could be reality.

Now I know that if it was all taken away tomorrow I would be ok. If the business was no more, I’d be sad, but life would not stop bc my identity isn’t Refine. My identity is Daughter. Refine is just one of many places He’s called me to serve, and if it’s taken away, then there must be another place I’m supposed to serve instead.

Friend – don’t get this confused. Business owner, mother, executive, boss, household manager, employee, work-at-home-mom –


It’s great to love what you do – a true gift even. But when we recognize that our true title is Daughter, we don’t even have to love the other title. We can even willingly part with the title. Because a Daughter’s job is to joyfully obey the King, and a royal Daughter knows that her Father is always for her good.

He is for our good.
He can be trusted.

We just get to obey the King.

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