Fairtrade Favorites for Fall

August 8, 2022

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Here are some of my top picks!

Several years ago I learned that most of the cheaper clothes we wear are made by slave labor – people who are either forced to work in horrible working conditions to produce cheap products (because of our demand for them) with little to no pay. More and more companies are becoming transparent and making strides toward fairtrade products. Fairtrade is often more investment – but you end up with a higher-quality product and I feel better about knowing that a child like mine wasn’t forced to make it, but instead, someone else earned a living wage that will actually help them rise out of poverty. 

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for the upcoming fall season and wanted to share them with you!

  1. Able earrings – love these simple and classic earrings that could be worn about any day of the week!
  2. Able necklace – I have this one and it never leaves my neck!
  3. Able purse – I FINALLY graduated to a small purse after lugging around a huge purse or diaper bag for 12 years! I love the color, size, and material that goes with everything!
  4. Veja sneakers – I found Veja last and fell in love with their look AND their fair trade standards. They will be my go-to from now on for cute run-around sneakers. 
  5. Athleta joggers – I got these last year and they are a perfect weight for spring/fall. I love that they’re a little dressier than the typical jogger and perfect for running around, errands, and casual events. 
  6. Cuyana T-shirt – I found Cuyana last year and this was my first purchase. All their clothing is classic and well designed. This T is the perfect shape, weight, and length. 
  7. Athleta T-shirt – I have this T in white and navy and it has held up through lots of washes! Love the weight and shape of it for all seasons.
  8. Madewell Jeans – I’ve been wearing Madewell jeans for years now. High quality and I love that they continue to pursue increasing their standards of both sustainability and treating workers fairly.
  9. J.Crew jeans – I bought a couple of pairs of J.Crew jeans last year and fell in love with this style. It’s a great go-between skinny jeans and the baggier options out there. It still gives you shape without being too tight. 
  10. J.Crew sweater – I purchased this cashmere sweater for the first time last year. They do occasionally go on sale if you keep your eye open for it! These look great with jeans or dress pants and are super comfy and easy to wear. 
  11. J. Crew jacket – LOVE this jacket. The cinched waist gives you some shape, but it has a great length, and great weight for spring/fall, and the last time I checked it was offered in tall as well!
  12. Patagonia jacket – Patagonia has been a leader in fair trade for many years and I have so much respect for their standards. Their coats will last for years to come. I love this one for a little dressier look.

Do you have any fall favorites you’d add to my list? I’d love to know!

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