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my favorite fall shoes

October 5, 2021

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Earlier this year I shared a round-up of comfy and cute sandals for summer, and I thought it would be fun to share some shoes that I think meet this category for fall as well! As a PT, I’ve always been passionate about quality footwear b/c having well-supported feet not only makes our feet feel good, it affects the entire alignment of our ankles, knees, hips, spine, all the way up! The wrong kind of shoes can increase back pain, and lead to other orthopedic issues. I also am pretty passionate about living an active lifestyle and b/c I’m a busy mom of five, I do my best to sneak in steps or activity anywhere and everywhere I can. This requires, for the most part, wearing shoes that can look cute with various outfits, but also have the ability to go for a quick 10-15 min walk and not give me blisters or have me cringing in pain by the end. 

Here’s my round-up – most of these I’ve tried, and a couple I’ve been eyeing. 😉 BTW – this list does NOT include fall boots/booties – I was going to include them and decided that could be a whole different post, so if that’s something you’re interested in, let me know!


Rothy’s are known for their comfort and practicality in that they are washable! I bought a black pair last spring and the only thing I regret was that I didn’t go up a half size. I thought they would stretch a little and they really have not! They have some give, but they don’t actually stretch out! I DID end up purchasing both the Driver and Loafer to try, and they are SO comfy! I went up one full size in each and they were a perfect fit. I haven’t decided what I’m keeping but both were a win!

  1. The Loafer (Cheetah)
  2. The Driver (Cognac)


I’ve been a fan of Soludos for a while now. I have a couple of pairs of sandals from them and a pair of suede mules I love. The mules are super comfy, though I find in general, mules are hard to walk long distances in. For a more casual pair of shoes to run around in, these sneakers are my favorite and I love the detail on the back. The other slippers are cute and can be worn with any casual outfit! I actually have both of these and love them!

  1. Ibiza Classic Leather Sneaker
  2. Canvas Platform Smoking Slipper


I have a VERY old pair of Born Julianne’s from years ago, and I still wear them often for my clinic days. Though I prefer a more pointed toe, these are probably more comfortable b/c they’re rounded, 😉 and I never have sore feet after wearing them. If you need a ton of arch support, these might not be the very best, but if you’re ok with medium support, these are a good option.



I have 2 pairs of Sofft Somers – 1 grey pair from many years ago and 1 black pair I got last spring, and both are incredibly easy to throw on and wear really well. I always am a little cautious of walking all day in them without socks b/c they will wear a little on my Achilles tendon, but for running errands, playing at the park, or taking the dog for a walk, they are great!

  1. Somers III


I just ordered Birdies today actually as I’m writing this blog post. Birdies caught me with their ads on social, and I finally ended up on their website to check them out. They claim to have great comfort, have great reviews, and I think they would go well with some of my work pants as well as jeans. I’ll have to let you know in stories how I turned out with them!

  1. The Starling

As always with quality shoes, none of these are cheap shoes, but I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for. It’s pretty rare that I’ve invested in shoes only to get rid of them a year later b/c they were worn down or uncomfortable. Instead, I usually find shoes that I end up wearing for years b/c they are made well and stand the test of time! I typically choose neutral colors b/c they go with everything, which makes them even more timeless!

Ok, what am I missing? What shoe or brand do you think I should try?

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