FOUR things I’m loving to kick off a year of Wellness

January 17, 2023

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Can we all agree that “wellness” has become a vague word? There are so many industries that have attached the word wellness to their name, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve started to get confused – what actually is wellness?

The webster dictionary defines wellness as, “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.”

At the end of 2022, I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling “well.” I looked about the same. I was doing all the things that life required. But I had extra anxiety in my spirit, I was finding myself quicker to break down, and had less patience for my family. Small things would set me off into worry or fear. This isn’t how I like to live and I knew there were multiple factors, but some of the easier ones to tackle were these:

  1. Fuel
  2. Movement
  3. Spiritual practices
  4. Mental/emotional health

Fuel: I’m overall a pretty nutritious eater, but in all honesty, I’m not a very experimental cook, and I didn’t grow up valuing nutrition, so I honestly only know how to cook a handful of things that are both nutritious AND taste good! This leads me to either making the same things over and over or choosing things that are less nutritious but leave me feeling blah.

I know that fuel affects how I feel, and I decided that 2023 is the year I want to learn how to be a better cook. I’ve tried various plans and apps in the past, but I’ve always liked Dashing Dish. The founder is a believer, she cooks nutritiously but isn’t over the top, her recipes are easy to follow, and I like the way her website and app are set up which makes for easy planning/grocery ordering. I decided to subscribe in 2023 to help me learn how to cook nutritious meals that taste good, and I’m already enjoying it!

Movement: I love to move. Now, this is different than saying I always love to workout. I don’t always look forward to working out, but I DO love moving and I love the way I FEEL after a good workout! 😉 I can come up with my own workouts, but honestly, it’s fun for me to follow what someone else teaches as well. It gives me ideas and sometimes I like to be brainless when it’s time to move.

I decided to try the Stronger Together program (from Real Fitness Training) in December and I plan to continue to use it in the new year. I know the founder and trust her programs, it’s easy to follow, has a great app to use, and I know it is research-based which is a huge reason I decided to go with this one. They have 5 workouts a week with 2 rest days, and also emphasize walking 30 min/day. The workouts are different from anything I’ve done and they run in 6-week blocks of time with 1 detraining week in between.

Spiritual: For about 7 years now I’ve been reading and rereading through the Bible most mornings. I LOVE reading my Bible, but, perhaps due to my mind state at the end of 2022, I was feeling like I needed to switch things up a bit. I decided to get the Dwell app after hearing multiple people I respect talk about it. I did their trial and absolutely LOVED it!

If you aren’t familiar, the Dwell app will read scripture over you and has music playing in the background. You can choose the bible version you love, the voice, volume of each independently, among other things. I tried it out in Florida and the combination of a soothing voice reading scripture, soft music, and the ocean waves while walking on the beach was the most lovely thing in the world! I decided to give it a try for a bit and will use it occasionally in the morning, or if I need something else to listen to in my car or while walking. 

Mental/Emotional Health: The first thing I’ve done in the new year is a social media fast. I wondered if I’d go into shock or withdrawal the first few days without social media,  but actually, it’s so immediately freeing, I can’t even describe it. I took the apps off my phone b/c I know otherwise I’d be tempted to click in out of habit, and I. LOVE. IT.

It’s AMAZING not only the amount of extra time I have in my day (partly b/c of I’m also not creating content for social each day) but also how much clearer my head feels. I can get tasks done quicker b/c I’m less distracted. In general, I feel like I have more time, energy, and a more stable mood. If you’ve never done a SM fast, I encourage you to do so! I think you’ll be shocked by the results!!

All right, there’s a few of the things I’m working on in 2023! How about you? How are you prioritizing your own wellness this year? 


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