Holiday Gift Guide – $30 and Under

November 26, 2021

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Probably my least favorite gifts to give are stocking stuffers, gift trades, and coming up with ideas for teachers, etc – not because I don’t love to give people gifts. I LOVE to give gifts! But I personally am not a fan of trinkets, clutter, useless items, or cheap things that will end up breaking, and typically that is what you get with lower price-range gifts. So, here is a little round-up of lower-priced gifts that I think are still unique/meaningful/fun and won’t be another thing you donate to GoodWill in January. 😉 

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  1. Lindsay Letters Abstract Minis – Art Print –  I love Lindsay Letters. Lindsay makes beautiful, affordable, customized art pieces. I have several in my office and a couple at our VRBO as well. Though most would be outside of this price range, these cute minis would make a beautiful gift for the right person!
  2. Jenessa Wait Mug – I have a couple of mugs from Jenessa that I love and use every single week. I love seeing a message of truth first thing in the morning when I’m drinking my coffee, and I think any of her mugs would make a fantastic gift!
  3. Jenessa Wait Word Art – Jenessa’s word art prints are all over my office and in my home as well. I think words are powerful, and we simply can’t get too much truth in us. She has so many good ones, but this would be a great gift for any girl/woman in your life!
  4. Revelation Wellness Tee – I love Rev T’s because they have great messages of truth! I always get asked where my T’s are from and I think this one not only has a great message but is cute as well!
  5. Noonday Hoops – I’ve mentioned my love for Noonday as a favorite fair-trade company! I think these hoops are a timeless design that could be worn for many years to come!
  6. Corkcicle Coffee Mug – I’ve professed my love for my corkcicle coffee mug in stories and here it is. I can be particular about details. 😉 I LOVE this one most b/c it still “feels” like a coffee mug (rather than a travel mug), has the ability to keep your drink hot OR cold for a long time, AND it fits in my car cup holder!! Such a good design!
  7. May Designs Custom Koozie Tumbler –  I don’t personally own this, but I love May Design for the ability to customize a gift and they sell many different products. I’ve purchased several notebooks, a zipper pouch, and a key chain from them in the past. I thought this could be a great idea for the person who has everything! 😉 
  8. Olive and June Nail Polish – Ok, I did include Olive and June nail polish on my tween gift guide, but for the nail-loving person on your list, I would recommend these 4 products and it stays under $30 total. Find a good polish you know your gift recipient would like (or choose a neutral if you’re unsure), and then get the primer, topcoat, and dry drops. When you use all 4, it makes for a great manicure that dries pretty quickly and lasts me typically a week without chipping (and I’m a mom of five constantly doing dishes, cleaning, and using my hands to treat patients so it’s not like I’m careful to protect it!) 😉
    1. Color – Study Hall
    2. Primer
    3. Top Coat
    4. Dry Drops
  9. Rifle Paper Co Meal Planner – I got this meal planner for myself this fall and I LOVE it! Use it with my free meal planning guide (include link) and you are set! I fill in my meals as I plan, write down the ingredients I need for each on the other side of the paper, and then tear it off and you can either take it with you to the store or quickly plug in the ingredients in your online cart if you grocery shop online. Finally, I pin up the meal plan somewhere I will see it during the week so I know when I need to set meat out or do some prep ahead of time.
  10. Mark and Graham Leather Tassel Key Chain – I previously purchased one of these from May Designs and it looks like they no longer sell them, but I found them on sale at Mark and Graham. I love that you can personalize it which just always makes a gift a little extra special, but the reason I really love this key chain is that it’s easy to find in the bottom of my purse!! 😀 ha! It easily clips on/off if you don’t want the extra bulk (like when my husband takes my keys and doesn’t want that whole thing in his pocket!) and it would make a great way to personalize a bag/purse/diaper bag.

Tell me – what would you add to my list? What gift have you received that was under $30 and something you used frequently or still love?

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