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I’m Embarrassed to Say This, But…

December 12, 2023

I’m Tanya.
I’ve learned that a little bit of intentionality goes a long way in accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves. This blog is meant to equip you with just that - simple tips, tricks, advice, and encouragement that help you live an intentional life. 
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As a young PT, I knew nothing about how to prepare my body for pregnancy, L&D, or postpartum recovery. I did everything wrong. I tried to keep running through pregnancy even though I began having SI joint pain. 
I only did basic prenatal classes & ended up with needlessly long labor & 3rd-degree tear (both preventable). 
I pushed my body way too hard early on & not only delayed my pelvic floor healing but also struggled with chronic low back pain/injury b/c of my lack of core strength/stability.

There’s so much I WISH I would have done then, but I also got to experience the other side – a pregnancy where I felt strong, a smooth & amazing L&D with no tearing (no need for meds/epidural), & a postpartum recovery where I allowed my body time to heal the right way, & no longer struggle with back or pelvic pain, leaking, diastasis, or prolapse symptoms.

I’m 40, have had 5 vaginal births, & though there’s always more I could do, I’m content with my body, I’m thankful for my ability to move in ways I love! I don’t struggle with leaking, pain, prolapse symptoms, or diastasis. 

I FEEL strong – NOT because I kill myself with hour-long workouts or diet/restrict food. But because I’m intentional – I train for life – for how I want to live when I’m 80, not just at 40. I don’t move for a certain weight or body type but to stay out of the nursing home & be active with my kids & future grandkids.

If YOU want to train for your LIFE, not just the six-pack, I invite you to join me in Pelvic Core. This 4-week course has helped hundreds of women heal from the common postpartum issues that I struggled with, too. 

It has helped them feel strong, get rid of leaking & constantly running to the bathroom, and say goodbye to lingering pain. Even return to things like jumping on the trampoline, playing in the backyard, training for a 5k, or returning to their favorite workout class.

Through Thursday this week, we’re offering 3 EXTRA weeks in Pelvic Core! This secures your spot when we begin our 1:1 coaching group in January where I provide 1-1 coaching to ensure your success in reaching your goals!

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