Is it possible to “get your body back” after baby?

February 7, 2023

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I’ve got some hard truth today bc I’ve walked it 5x, I’ve worked with so many women in this life stage, and I need to share these words with you:

You. Are. You. You are not your friend, your mom, your sister, or your cousin.

And you SURELY are not that one person you follow on IG who makes everything look so easy – you know the one – who ran every day of her pregnancy, only gained 10#, fits back in her pre-pregnancy jeans a week after birth, & is working out 2 weeks later.

You aren’t her, and that’s OK, bc THIS. IS. NOT. NORMAL.

This might be the reality for about 1-5% of the female population, it’s NOT reality for 95-99%. So why are you comparing to the 1-5%?

This is my theory – because they are the loudest. They are the ones showing and telling you all they are doing. But the majority of us are pulling up our high-waisted leggings & just trying to survive. Our hair is greasy and we have dark under-eye circles and we just want a nap. (Please).

Mamas. Please. Stop. Surround yourself with reality and stop comparing to someone else’s road that looks easy. They don’t have your story and their story probably isn’t even real.

And if that is hard, there is an easy button called unfollow.

I’m telling it like it is today bc I’ve seen one too many mamas lately who are comparing & feeling inadequate & I feel like we all need to hear some truth.

If your body naturally gains 40+ lbs in pregnancy, that just might be right for your body. If you weren’t able to exercise during pregnancy bc of sickness/fatigue, you’re going to be just fine. If your body doesn’t look like a stick after having kids, has it occurred to you that this might be normal & healthy for a woman’s body? If the six-pack never comes, could it be that for most grown women, that would be achieving an unhealthy body fat percentage? (Truth)

Stop comparing. Your body and your story are yours alone. Live IN it. Be present in it. And you’ll find that abundance is yours regardless of the pant size you put on today. Who needed to hear this truth today?🙋🏼‍♀️

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