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It might be common but it doesn’t have to be your normal

November 17, 2022

I’m Tanya.
I’ve learned that a little bit of intentionality goes a long way in accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves. This blog is meant to equip you with just that - simple tips, tricks, advice, and encouragement that help you live an intentional life. 
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Have you ever been in a group of moms laughing about not being able to jump on the trampoline anymore? Or about how they have to wear black leggings to the exercise class? Or how they need to run out of the room as soon as they start jumping jacks?

I have.

Numerous times.

And the recurring message is this -> “This is totally normal! This is part of your mom journey. This is the price you pay for having babies. This is hilarious because we ALL struggle with this and there’s nothing we can do.”

But what if the messaging is false? What if the message is based on a lie? What if there actually WAS something you could do? Sometimes easily? And what if it was in your power and control to fix it with a little help and guidance…no surgery needed?

You’ve been sold a false message because though leaking is COMMON, it doesn’t have to be your NORMAL. And I’ve seen literally hundreds of women start jumping, laughing, sneezing, exercising, and doing ALL the things they WANT to do without leaking!

All because they decided to no longer believe the message.

FRIENDS! Let’s stop the message. I believe SO many things we settle for are actually within our control to change. And what if we stopped the laughter and actually gave our friends a hand UP and ENCOURAGED them to begin their healing journey vs. settling for something they didn’t have to accept as “normal?”

The good news: Your body is NOT stuck this way forever.
It’s important to take the steps to heal your body NOW, so you can both FIX and PREVENT your issues from getting worse in the future.
What are these “issues” I’m talking about?
👉 Leaking urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or jump
👉 Putting on a pad before playing with your kids or going for a run
👉 Planning your daily route based on where the bathrooms are
👉 Living with nagging back pain that never goes away
👉 Carrying an extra panty liner (or pair of pants) in your purse
👉 Getting up multiple times a night to pee
👉 Feeling vaginal pressure after working out or standing too long
👉 Wondering which workouts are safe to do
👉 Experiencing pain while lifting heavy groceries (or kids)
👉 Constantly worrying about peeing your pants
It’s about strengthening your WHOLE inner core, retraining your brain how to breathe, developing flexibility and endurance, and so much more.
I teach you all of this inside Pelvic Core Online. This program includes everything you need to keep your symptoms from getting worse — and improve your quality of life for the long haul.

Because in case you need to hear this again, your symptoms are not just “something you have to deal with.” Taking care of yourself enables you to better take care of others.

And no one else is going to take care of you FOR you. Commit to taking care of yourself today! I’m so excited to help you FINALLY fix the root of all your pelvic problems and find freedom in your body again!

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