My Tried and True Favorites: Summer Edition

June 23, 2022

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I don’t know about you, but I love to hear people’s favorite go-to’s – the basics they have loved that have stood the test of time. I’ve shared before that I’m a quality vs. quantity gal, and I TRULY believe that when we invest a little more on the front end, we’ll benefit in the long run with quality staples that LAST and don’t need to be replaced every year or two. I also believe quality items FIT better and FUNCTION better as well. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve been loving for at least several years:

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  1. Birkenstock Sandals: I’ve had these sandals now for THREE years and they honestly just keep getting better. The cork bed forms to your foot and I could wear these all day long without a problem. Plus, the cognac color and gold buckle look good with absolutely everything!
  2. Chacos Sandals: To me, Chacos are more function > form. I may look like a mom for wearing them, BUT these are sandals I’d wear all day to the zoo, sightseeing on vacation, running to ball games and errands, or anytime I’m going to be out and about and need a shoe that’s easy to run around in. These are certainly more casual, but I’d throw them on with any athleisure outfit as well as with t-shirts and jean shorts.
  3. Lululemon Tank: This is my GO-TO tank because it is flattering, easy to wear, great for workouts, and just great for running around in the summer. It is high quality, and super breathable for hot workouts or when you’re sitting at ball games and it’s 100 degrees, but it doesn’t show your entire sports bra like some tank tops do, which just isn’t always something I want outside of my workouts! 🙂 It’s not a cheap tank but it WILL last you years!
  4. Athleta Shorts: I’ve tried my fair share of shorts, and I ALWAYS come back to these! I’ve had a few different colors over the years, but black is in rotation every single week. I find them flattering and a great length that feels more appropriate for public places. 🙂
  5. J.Crew Linen T: Ok disclaimer here – this T looks like it’s a little different than the ones I have. It looks shorter than my current ones, which may be great for you (I’m 5’10”) but not for me. I did not order any this season, but I have a couple from past seasons, and the linen material is SO lightweight, easy to wear, and very flattering as it never clings to you. The length of these is now 22 ½ in (which of course is more trendy currently) and I’m sure would work great for most of you! I tend to like 24 inches at least because of my long torso. But if you’re a little shorter than me OR always do high-waisted jeans/shorts, these will work great for you!
  6. J.Crew linen shorts: I’m a big fan of pull-on shorts! 🙂 They FEEL so comfortable but still LOOK put-together! These are a great length and fit, and work with SO many things!
  7. Madewell Purse: I’m very practical with my purses, so be warned. I use my purses for YEARS without replacing them b/c a decent leather fair trade purse will last that long and look fantastic years later! Last year I got this purse on a sale. I think I have the medium size, but it comes in smaller sizes too. I love the woven texture for summer, and it looks great with dresses as well as jean shorts. I probably wouldn’t pay full price for it, but Madewell often has sales, so keep your eye open and snag it then!
  8. Lake Pajamas: I’ve shared my love for Lake before. The Pima pajamas just can’t be beaten in softness. I NEVER would have spent this much on pajamas previously, but now I can’t imagine going back. They’re SO comfortable, and I’ve had this pair for at least 2-3 years now and they’re still a favorite. PS: did you know that wearing pajamas to bed is a part of a good sleep routine?? 🙂
  9. Lake Robe: If you need a birthday or Christmas gift idea – this is a great one. Again, a splurge. I got mine 3 birthdays ago from my hubby and I wear it almost daily. It’s a perfect weight for any season, and every morning this summer I’ve worn mine while drinking my coffee on the back porch and reading my Bible. I promise you’ll love it for years to come! 
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