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Patient Spotlight: Meet Chelsey!

January 17, 2024

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Chelsey is an OB package patient with baby #2 on the way! You’re going to see a lot more of Chelsey over the next few months (currently 18 weeks pregnant) as she’s agreed to share her prenatal and postpartum journey with you as a wife, mom, teacher, and athlete who desires to feel her absolute best and keep up an active lifestyle through all stages of life. Here’s a little testimony on WHY she chose to work with Refine and prioritize PREVENTATIVE care:

“Maintaining a strong and functional pelvic floor is a top priority of mine as a mom and athlete! With a littered history of sports injuries, I have developed an understanding of how important it is to improve core stability and work on injury prevention.

Tanya’s pelvic floor physical therapy is targeted to improve pelvic muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination.

I am choosing preventative care during pregnancy, so I can navigate the physical changes more comfortably and confidently. Tanya’s care ensures I am well-prepared for a smooth return to an active, postpartum daily lifestyle! Her proactive approach empowers me to prioritize my health and performance throughout the ever so transformative journey of pregnancy.”

I had the JOY of working with Chelsey after baby #1, and I’m thrilled to serve her again, this time with my comprehensive OB package! We’re going to share her journey to hopefully give YOU an understanding of how you can PREVENT common issues associated with pregnancy, L&D, and postpartum recovery, such as low back and pelvic pain, prolapse, ab separation, and leaking. I’m excited to help this mama continue to THRIVE!

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