Refine PT: The Story (Part 1)

August 19, 2020

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The journey to Refine PT has certainly had a few twists and turns. Whether you are a patient, a friend, someone who has followed along on this journey with me, someone new to my business, or someone hoping to start their own business someday, I’d love to share how God orchestrated these events as His hand is so evident at every turn of the page.

I’m going way back here, but in case you’re not familiar – I went to college knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I was certain I wanted to be a PT, and so I majored in exercise science with a minor in psychology, within the pre-PT program. I then went on to graduate school and received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I worked as a PT for 10 years in general outpatient orthopedics and began adding in some women’s health about 4-5 years in. A year after I had baby #4, I wanted to do some health coaching because I had experienced transformation in my own health following a program and I wanted to help others. I also saw a deep need to connect the spiritual with the physical and wanted to add this to my coaching. I tried my best to do this, and I found I loved walking beside women, but I knew a piece was missing, and I also just wasn’t feeling settled with the company I was working with (I know of many wonderful people who are coaches with them, it just wasn’t for me! 😊).

A friend who I met through the health coaching arena (God wastes nothing you guys) told me MULTIPLE times I needed to check out Revelation Wellness®, because she knew my heart and how much I’d love them. I FINALLY did, and it was like I just couldn’t get enough. It was the missing link connecting the physical with the spiritual that I wasn’t quite getting. During that time frame, I also had baby #5 and had become a stay at home mom, following the Lord’s leading to stay home and manage my busy household.

After six months of following Rev, I began instructor training with them and started teaching classes almost as soon as I finished. These classes were an awesome opportunity in my community to do something I loved – teaching fitness – while also sharing the gospel and the Lord’s desire for us to live in FREEDOM in ALL aspects of our health! I LOVED that the classes connected various women and that I had the chance to speak truth and life over them as well! Teaching these classes was and remains a tremendous gift!

During that time, the Lord continued to prompt my heart to start my own business. I would be lying if I said that I haven’t always had a calling on my heart. I’m a dreamer – an idea person, but I also am not a risk-taker and lived in fear of failure and was very much caught in the trap of people-pleasing! However, God closed every door to make it clear that THIS was the direction he was calling me in – to open up my own small, specialized women’s health practice. He broke every single barrier that I had put up – how to do this while raising 5 children, how to make it work part-time for my family’s sake and so many other concerns I had. I can look back and see how He’s answered every question in His timing. 

I never would have gotten here without Revelation Wellness teaching me how love is greater than fear, how to die to people-pleasing, getting comfortable being uncomfortable, and giving me the full picture of holistic health, which I get to speak and pray over my online and fitness classes as well as my patients.

But I also need to tell you that there are details (too many to put here) along the way that were hard, that didn’t make sense, that brought adversity…times I cried and cried because I didn’t get what God was doing. But it all pointed to this – sometimes He has to use the hard things because otherwise I NEVER would have jumped out of my comfy nest. He had to push me out!!!

If you are walking a hard road right now and questioning what is going on, I encourage you to remember that you live in the Kingdom of HOPE, and if it’s not good, it’s not done. He won’t waste a detail of the story. Just hold on…and be ready…you may just get pushed into the next thing He has for you. ❤️

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