That Time I Healed my Relationship with Oatmeal

February 23, 2021

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In college, I ate oatmeal 1-2x/day. I had a cafeteria plan, so it’s not like there was a lack of food, but let me tell you why: Because I thought it filled me up for the least amount of calories. And it’s actually really sad. I’d go to the cafeteria, pour myself a HALF serving of oatmeal (¼ cup to be exact), I’d make it with water (because zero calories), and then I’d add some Splenda for a zero-calorie sweetener. If it was lunch or supper, I’d have a side salad with veggies and another low-calorie dressing. If it was breakfast, this was all I ate, and I might not finish it. 75 whopping calories. And then I’d go to my hard cross country or track practices, running 6-8 miles or so.

The Lord healed me from disordered eating, but I didn’t get free for MANY years after. I also ate very little oatmeal after that point b/c I literally couldn’t even think about it, I had such a bad association with it from that time in my life.

THEN…2 years ago at Revelation Wellness Instructor Retreat, they served OATMEAL at EVERY breakfast with other things. And with my freedom came a LOVE for oatmeal again. You guys – God just wastes nothing. What a sweet detail that He redeemed food for me! 🙂

He’s SO GOOD, and now this sad little post gets to turn happy, because YOU ALL have helped me love my oatmeal even more, and I’m sharing it with those who haven’t found this little trick for the yummiest and most filling oatmeal EVER.

I prioritize protein at most meals, but I HATE protein powder in oatmeal. Like, hate it. If you have a trick, put it in the comments below because I’d love to hear it, but I just cannot stomach it. But I posted this question the other day in my stories, and YOU ALL came through, and shared with me the amazing trick of stirring egg whites in your oatmeal after it’s cooked, and let me tell you, this is now a GAME CHANGER in my love of oatmeal on a cold winter morning! So I’m sharing it with you too! If I’m just making it for myself, I’m totally gonna choose the easy way out and microwave it. Yell at me if you want – I’ve got 5 kids and I run a business! I don’t have time to stir oats for 10 min for me, myself, and I! I do on occasion make oats for the whole family and then I definitely justify oats on the stove and I lovingly stir them until they’re perfectly cooked, and serve them up with brown sugar and cinnamon for my spoiled kids. 😉

But: here is my quick and dirty way for the other busy mamas out there who don’t have 10 min to nurse a pot for themselves:

  1. Measure out ½ cup old-fashioned oats
  2. Pour in 1 cup liquid (I do ½ cup milk, ½ cup water – you do your thing)
  3. Microwave 2 minutes – being careful not to let it boil over – you gotta watch it!
  4. THEN the magic happens – mix in 2 egg whites or 6 T egg whites from a carton (c’mon, remember this is the quick and dirty version) and microwave 30 sec more.
  5. Stir all together until you have a beautiful creamy mixture.
  6. Add in whatever mix-ins you love! My typical is: cinnamon, 1 T natural peanut butter, and frozen or fresh berries, and/or half banana sliced.
  7. Add a little more milk depending on your desired thickness and enjoy immensely.

This is truly the most satisfying winter breakfast ever! And my version gives you 23 g protein, to hopefully keep you full until lunch!

What’s your favorite oatmeal mix-in?

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