The Secret to A Cash-Pay Business

January 25, 2022

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What’s your first thought when you think of cash-pay? I’m guessing you see $$$. More expensive. Only for the wealthy. But I’d love to debunk a few myths today (PS: I’ve seen women from ALL income levels!) even though running a cash-pay business has some challenges, I would NEVER go back to insurance-based payments, & here’s why:

  1. Cash-pay means insurance doesn’t dictate your care & my treatment, meaning instead of 30-45 min appts, mine are 60-90 min doing what you NEED, not just what insurance will pay for!
  2. Most people have high deductibles they have to meet meaning YOU are paying out-of-pocket for every appt until you meet it. These appts typically cost 2-3x the price of cash-pay appts & if you only need a few appts, you will end up saving hundreds by going w/ cash-pay.
  3. Bc I get to see patients for 60-90 mins, I get to be more thorough at each appointment leading to fewer appointments overall. My patients average 2-4 visits TOTAL.
  4. W/ cash-pay, you get charged fairly for the services you receive vs. the extremely inflated costs that come w/ businesses that bill insurance (which unfortunately is necessary so they get paid!)
  5. When you choose a cash-pay practice, you directly impact a small business owner/their family, vs. padding the insurance company’s pockets & contributing to a broken system.
  6. Typically cash-pay practices are small businesses that can provide more personalized care. My patients ALWAYS work 1-1 w/ me, get detailed plans after their appts, & have full access to contact me at any time through email/text/phone.
  7. Still, want to use your insurance? You can self-submit your visit & I can provide you w/ all coding necessary. It’s a very simple process & some of my patients have had great luck receiving reimbursement!

There are times that I think about working w/ insurance, but then I think about the quality of care I’d be giving up, & the higher prices I’d have to charge, & I just can’t do it. If you still haven’t met your deductible or you have high co-pays, this type of practice can literally save you HUNDREDS if not thousands. If you have met it, then it’s worth self-submitting to insurance for possible reimbursement. Let me know what questions you have bc I’m always happy to debunk some myths & educate you on how your insurance actually works! Most people think that “using their insurance” means insurance is going to pay & that’s simply not the case!

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