BELIEVING you’ve been given a good body

August 30, 2022

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There is a difference between knowing you’ve been given a GOOD body, and BELIEVING you’ve been given a good body.

I can speak that phrase over you, and you’ll say, yeah, I know that’s true. But a belief pattern is the phrase we hear or we repeat over and over again. So you can “know” you have a good body, but if the rest of the day, you’re hearing, “I’m worthless, my body isn’t right, I need to lose weight,” etc, your knowledge has not turned into a belief.

If you want to change what you believe, you need to start listening to a different tune! You need to start repeating a new story!

How do you do this?
1. Get in the Word!
2. Pick a piece of truth, and start reading it and repeating it over and over. Memorize it!
3. When Satan comes with his lies (he will), and this might look like a thought planted, but it also might look like someone saying something that triggers it, a picture you saw, a memory, an association, etc, that new piece of TRUTH is RIGHT there! You repeat it over and over. You hang onto the truth and you cast out the lie.

The tune you hear most often is the one you’ll sing. Clothe yourself with Truth, Praise, Thanksgiving, and Hope. And watch your belief patterns change and the enemy flee.

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