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Scar Tissue Mobilization

September 2, 2022

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If you are a female and you’ve had babies, there is a good chance you have either a c-section scar or a perineal scar.

A scar does not share the same characteristics of “normal” tissue, and it typically has extra adhesions that can begin attaching themselves to underlying tissue and muscle! This can affect how your inner core system functions, including your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor!

A perineal scar can cause intercourse to be painful, contribute to weakness and incontinence, and general pelvic pain, while a c-section scar can affect the function of the abdominal muscles, can be tender, sensitive, or painful, and can form a “shelf” over the lower abdomen.

Scar tissue mobilization can be hugely beneficial if you have any of the above issues! Start with gentle, small movements in all directions over the scar, and work your way towards larger movements with increased pressure. Use a natural lubricant to decrease friction, or do so in the bathtub for greater comfort. If you want more specific instructions, schedule an appointment! I’d love to help you with all your postpartum needs!

Now let me know: did your OB or surgeon recommend scar tissue mobilization to you for either your c-section or perineal scar?

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