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But why do I leak if….

October 16, 2023

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Want to know two questions I get a lot:
Why do I leak if I’ve never had a baby?
And why do I leak if I’ve never given birth vaginally?👇🏼

Here are some facts:

1. A study done at 6 months postpartum comparing women who gave birth vaginally vs. cesarean showed equal numbers of leaking in both groups
2. Research shows 29-75% of ALL female runners leak.
3. Roughly 50% of all college females struggle with some amount of leaking.

There are MANY reasons – it could be related to bladder habits you developed as a young child (did your parents make you go “just in case” ALL the time? Did you have to hold it for long, extended periods of time?)

It could be related to constantly sucking in as a teen and shutting down your inner core system and how it functions.

It could be related to how you train/exercise.

And if you’ve had c-sections, I’d say that pregnancy has a much bigger impact on how our inner core system functions than what most women realize. It’s not just perineal trauma that causes issues – it’s the stretching out/lengthening of muscles that can cause weakness and affect how the brain controls the inner core.

Regardless, do not feel SHAME if you struggle with leaking and you’ve never been pregnant or if you’ve given birth via cesarean. There is no shame in this – the shameful part is that we keep it to ourselves b/c we’re embarrassed vs. sharing it and getting the help that we need.

So here’s me giving you permission – your issues are common – but they don’t have to be normal.

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