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October 19, 2023

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STOP trusting your pelvic floor rehab to someone who’s never actually worked with vaginas.

Would you trust your ACL rehab to some online “expert” who’s never rehabbed a knee? When you finished with surgery, how would you feel if the Dr said, “Ok, there are some great rehab options on YouTube – go check them out, and good luck!”

No way – you’d think your surgeon was crazy! Yet this is how we treat our pelvic floors. We push 7-10# babies out of them, they get torn front and back and stitched together, or we have major abdominal surgery, and we’re sent out the door and told, “Good luck!”

You’re left to figure it out for yourself, and what do you do?
You google it.
You look at free videos on YouTube.
You find the popular trainer offering her course or membership super cheap but has never looked at a vagina in her life, less rehabbed one. She has no formal training except maybe she took a “prenatal and postpartum exercise course” and is now suddenly an “expert.” I’m sorry, but that is NOT the same as rehab! That is not the same as having years and years of education, training, and experience. And you WILL get a different result.

YOU deserve better. Yes, it will require some time, money, and effort. But I PROMISE you the results will be WORTH it!

If you want to work with the expert who works WITH pelvic floors, I’d love to help you! TODAY, we’re launching my four-week online course, Pelvic Core! This course is based on the hundreds of women I’ve worked with over the past 10 years specializing in women’s health and has helped hundreds more. This is the LAST time we’ll offer it this year and the LAST TIME at this price point! Get in now b/c we only have limited seats available!

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