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Don’t Make These Mistakes (squat form)

June 8, 2023

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Squatting is not only a functional exercise we do every single day, but it’s also a part of every workout ever created! I LOVE squats, but the problem is that SOO many women are squatting during their workouts and have NO idea how to squat with decent form.

I don’t get crazy picky about form, because all day long we’re doing stuff without perfect form, so we also need to prepare our bodies to do different moves in different ways. But there are a few things I critique when we’re practicing squatting in my clinic. Here are a few things I often see women doing wrong:
1. Chest up/hyperextended low back – this puts SO much strain on the lower spine. I had a hard time even doing it and it definitely irritated my back while trying! 😉
2. Chest to the floor – the exact opposite of #1. We want to hinge at the hips, but this is an extreme I often see used when someone what’s to get lower than what their hips/knees allow them to.
3. Knees too far over toes/heels off ground – keep your heels on the ground and let knees follow/stay right over toes for less compression force on the knee joint.
4. Hip Thrust – I know there will be some haters here, but I personally HATE the hip thrust I see people do for glute activation. If you squat properly, you’ll be using your glutes. Keep good form for good core alignment and proper activation.
5. Trying to align feet perfectly with shoulders – in real life, we NEVER take the time to get our feet perfectly pointed forward and directly under shoulders. Find a comfortable stance – better yet, try different stances (one foot forward back/ toes turned out/in) for a more functional squat.
6. Breath-holding – enough said – breath-holding is hard on the pelvic floor. Instead, try to exhale as you come back up.

All of this and SO much more are included in my Level-Up membership. I’m here to help you move smartly through short, effective, full-body workouts, made for the busy mom who needs to fit movement in the small spaces of life and wants to get back into moving again the BEST way possible.

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