My 2023 Summer Uniform!

June 12, 2023

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It’s probably the Type A in me, but I secretly love a good uniform. I love having a go-to outfit that works for multiple events, or something that I know is just going to easily work as soon as I put it on with NO fuss. Just like you, I want to feel good in my clothes, I want them to be flattering to my body type, and I want them to work with the conditions I’m in.

I LOVE summer, but I often find it a little hard to dress for our heat. I hate sitting in sweat, and my schedule bounces all over the place from a quick workout to driving kids around, sitting outside at ball games and swimming lessons, running errands, or watering flowers around the farm. I need clothes that keep me cool and can transition appropriately through all the things so I’m not changing 5x/day! 

That being said, here are some of the things I’ve loved wearing this summer that have worked well for me! Most of these are more investment pieces. I’ve shared my love for quality over quantity and my passion for fair trade clothing in blog posts you can find here, so I won’t repeat it, but if you’re wondering why these are pricier, that’s why. My goal is to pick clothing that I can wear for YEARS to come. I’m sure you can find similar items at a lower price point somewhere else, and there’s zero shame in that! I hope this just helps give you some ideas as you do your own shopping this summer!


  • High Rise Mesh Racer Run 3″ Short – I’ve been a huge fan of the mesh Racer 4” short for a LONG time now (like years, literally!). However, these might pass them up. I LOVE the higher rise and surprisingly, they might say 3” inseam but they don’t seem any shorter than the previous 4” ones I have several pairs of!
  • Outbound Tee – I’m ALWAYS looking for a good T that has a nice shape, and material, and will stand the test of time. This one hits all those buttons! It can pair with athletic shorts and jean shorts alike! You could even throw it on with white jeans and dress it up a bit!
  • Effortless Tank – This was another new find for me. I LOVE the structure of this top. It pairs well with lots of options. The only thing – it’s a slightly thicker material so might not be the best choice on really hot days. 
  • Breezy Tank – I’ve had this tank for years as well. It’s very lightweight and perfect for hot weather. The only issue is that it can be a little see-through so just be thoughtful with what bra you choose!
  • Train to Be Short-Sleeve Shirt – This is a cute workout tank that I feel no shame in also wearing to ball games, the grocery store, etc. Very lightweight and breathable!
  • Love Tank Top – This is my favorite tank top for the summer, hands down. This one pairs with so many options, and is great for keeping you nice and cool. I love the color options as well! I’ve had this for years and just grabbed a couple of new colors this season b/c I like it so much.
  • Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Short 4″ – my daughter got me to try these shorts b/c all her friends have them. Love the high rise and they’re super comfortable. I chose the longer inseam though.😉 
  • Cinchable Waist High-Rise Woven Short 3.5″ – these are a little dressier looking than athletic shorts but still are super comfortable. They pair well with the Love tank top or the Outbound Tee above!
  • Paige Seamless Crop Tank – This top is cropped but not so much that it should show any skin, especially if you’re wearing it with high-waisted shorts (see the ones below!). I loved the color of this top and it’s super breathable. I’m not sure how much I’ve used that word but it’s certainly a theme with this post! 😉
  • Kallin Running Short 3″ – these are a pricier pair of running shorts and I can’t say that I like them any better than the Athleta ones above. I do love the high rise and they’re crazy comfortable to wear. I also loved this color for something different. 
  • Dexter Half-Zip and Keely High-Rise – The cutest spring/summer/fall comfy outfit you’ll ever have. While pricey, these two make an adorable outfit you can wear anywhere and feel like you’re in pajamas. I’ve worn this a couple of times and absolutely love it – I wish I could wear it every day and get it in every color, but the budget, unfortunately, won’t allow for it. 😉


  • HURRICANE DRIFT – I got these for my daughter with the thought I’d wear them occasionally, but it turns out I wear them all the time. 🙂 They’re a great price point, easy to throw on with any athletic wear, and are great if your feet sweat, you’re near water, or working in the garden and want sandals you can easily rinse off!
  • Siena Big Buckle – I love my Arizona Big Buckle sandals in this cognac color, but I’ve had them for 4 years now and they’ve seen better days. I got these as a replacement for when I want something a little newer/nicer and love this updated style.
  • Arizona Big Buckle – these are shared between my daughter and I (perks of having the same shoe size!) and we both grab for them constantly. I just feel like they go with everything and I love Birks for their comfort and quality!
  • Z Cloud X2 – I got these 2 years ago and they’re still a favorite to throw on, especially when I need something to walk in but don’t want to wear tennis shoes. I love this neutral color that goes with everything. 


  • Vintage Cotton Crew Neck – a less expensive T if you get it on sale, but it has a nice shape, it’s very lightweight, and it’s available in lots of colors. Easy to tuck into jean shorts, I reach for these often. I don’t suspect they’ll last more than a couple of seasons, but I got them for under $20 so if they last 2-3 years I’ll be happy with it. 
  • Flutter-sleeve-linen-v-neck-top – I didn’t need much for new workwear this summer, so this was the only top I grabbed when J.Crew was having a sale earlier this year. It’s super lightweight and flattering, and I love linen for summer. 
  • Garden top in soft gauze – I bought this top a couple of summers ago and it’s still my favorite – a classic go-to that will last for years!
  • New seaside short in Chambray – I’ve had these for years too! They go easily with a T or either of the tops on this list!
  • Relaxed denim shorts in Baxter Street wash – I received these last year and they’re easy jean shorts to wear with the relaxed style. 
  • 10″ demi-boot crop jeans in whitewash – I needed a new white pair of cropped jeans this year as mine were several years old and looking quite dingy. I loved the updated boot crop style with the fringe hemline and wear these weekly to work, church, or out with friends!

Would you add to these lists? I’d love to know your favorites for summer fashion too!

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