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June 3, 2024

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Be honest – have you ever tried to figure something out on your own to save money, only to spend HOURS wasted, still feeling unsure if you have the right answer?

(Ok, I’m pretty sure some of you do this with Dr. Google and your pelvic health 😆)

Well, I’m guilty, too 🙋🏼‍♀️. Only for me, it was trying to figure out my color season. 

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock, everyone falls into a color season based on their undertones, hair, eye color, etc. AND, there are real professionals who can help you figure out your color season. Why does it really matter? Because wearing colors within your season will compliment you better and make you look more awake and vibrant rather than dull and tired (and as a mom of five, I can use all the help I can get!). 😅

Should you actually care about this? No, of course not. Some of you are like, “This is kinda dumb and vain 🙄,” and others are like, “I’m going to wear the colors I like, thank you very much 😎,” and that’s just fine! I just think it’s kind of fun to know what colors compliment me well, and it honestly makes shopping so much easier when I automatically know what colors to gravitate toward. It also makes your wardrobe more cohesive, and if you know me, you know I love a good capsule wardrobe because formulas simplify my life, and I don’t like to waste time getting dressed! 😉

In the past year or so, I’m certain I have spent too much time scouring the internet and Pinterest, trying to figure out what color season I fall into. I narrowed it down to spring or fall because I thought I had warmer undertones, and with my lighter coloring, I was able to eliminate some of the darker fall seasons and brighter spring seasons. But my brown eyes kept throwing me for a loop. And so I FINALLY reached out to my friend Debbie Smith, who is not only a trained color expert (PS: she does 12 seasons! Others only do 4, but I HIGHLY recommend working with someone who is trained in all 12 b/c you’ll get a much more accurate assessment!), but she also is a FANTASTIC photographer! (you can find her website HERE and her on IG HERE).

Not only does she help you figure out your colors virtually, she also does it for a fantastic price!! The process was super easy on my end to get her the pictures/info she needed, and she had my results back to me within a few days!

It turns out, I am a…


Debbie used various color palettes to show how they affected my overall appearance. I wouldn’t say I have an eye for this, but her detailed explanations made sense and helped me see what she was seeing!

Debbie put together a super informative and helpful video talking through the different seasons, what she sees in my coloring, and demonstrated how my appearance is affected by the colors in various seasons. She also showed me how some colors in other seasons will work for me (some of the light summer colors work well for me b/c I have a pretty neutral undertone, and I can also pull off some colors in soft autumn), which is super helpful if you’re afraid you’ll get pigeonholed into a box, but how the light spring colors are the best for my undertones and overall light features. After the video she sent me a color palette not just of light spring colors, but of specific colors I looked best in! Again this was incredibly helpful b/c I can use it for shopping, but I also appreciated that she didn’t just stick me in a color season box and call it good.

I immediately removed a few dark colors from my closet—no more dark navy on top, brown, or black. In general, I get super washed out and taken over by dark colors. I still have a couple for occasions where that’s just what I want to wear, but I did remove a good chunk of those colors (I didn’t have very many of them) from my closet.

A sad surprise – colors like mustard yellow, olive green, and various taupe colors or dark tans do not work well with me. I had a fair amount of these colors in my wardrobe. Again, I kept a few of my favorite pieces, but I also took some out b/c I can see now that they really make my skin tone muddy/dull.

Something I’ve needed to adjust to: ALL the pastels. This was at first hard to imagine. How do you wear pastels in the wintertime? In the fall? It makes sense for spring/summer, but what about the other seasons? Will I look like an easter egg all year long? 😆 I haven’t figured that all out yet. I suspect I’ll be wearing a lot of ivory and light camel for neutrals. Also, hunter green surprisingly worked well for me, and some lighter pink tones can feel wintery. Or I might just choose some colors that are outside of my palette and not care. 😉 BUT, I have purchased a couple colors I NEVER buy, like butter yellow and lavender. I actually love both tops I got in these colors, and I’m also thrilled that I can continue to wear most shades of pink. 🎀 

Overall, it’s been really fun to experiment with some color, and I’ve enjoyed trying new things. The whole process with Debbie was SO smooth, and I’d HIGHLY recommend her services. Not only is she reasonably priced, but she does a fantastic job, and I was incredibly pleased with her services!

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