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Patient Update: Chelsey Pt. 3

May 23, 2024

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Chelsey is in the final stretch of her pregnancy—she is now 34 weeks! It has been such a joy to work with her throughout her pregnancy to help prevent pain (and quickly treat it when it pops up), address any issues she’s been having, and adapt her workouts to her stage of pregnancy.

Chelsey has chosen a preventative approach for this pregnancy, utilizing chiropractic care and pelvic physical therapy. She has hired a doula for birth and plans to use a midwife as well. She’s seen me 3-4 times throughout this pregnancy, and we’ve touched base each month via email as well to navigate the changes that come with pregnancy, deal with any pain if it occurs, and modify her workouts as needed. Because of this, she’s been able to enjoy an active and relatively pain-free pregnancy!

Here’s what she had to say after our last appointment:

In these last 4-8 weeks of pregnancy, my goal has simply been to listen to my body. There are some weeks that yard and garden work are plenty for a workout! Other weeks, I will do 2-3 workouts a week. I am flexible with what I accomplish and try to keep listening to my body.

Sometimes I workout for 45 minutes and sometimes it’s only 15 minutes. 

Big modifications I have made for myself this late in pregnancy are dialing down the intensity, removing weight from single-leg movements, being very mindful of breathing and core ‘engagement’ through movements, and taking as much rest as needed. 

If I do push more than what my body wants/needs, I pay for it with some hip and pelvis pain. Rest has been the best treatment! The pain is a healthy reminder that the priority needs to be general movement and not weight or intensity. 

I have had to modify more than with my first pregnancy and that has been a little difficult to accept. However, with Tanya’s guidance, healthy reminders, and amazing words of encouragement I have found a healthy balance in perspective between fighting the desire to do what I could LAST pregnancy to doing what I can for THIS pregnancy.

Chelsey is doing an amazing job of listening to her body and modifying her activity and workouts appropriately to get to the finish line feeling great and still function well in her daily life! The most significant difference that I see between Chelsey and the general population is that most women just “accept” pain and discomfort to be a “normal” part of pregnancy. They end up limping into the finish line and are SO ready to be done with it all. They may compromise their initial goals and decide to be induced because of their discomfort. They stop working out or exercising because of pain and end up having even more aches/pains as they’re unable to be active.

Chelsey has chosen a preventative approach—to prevent issues BEFORE they start. Because of her regular check-ins with me and chiropractic care, she’s been able to stay strong, active, healthy, and relatively pain-free. Not only will this benefit her L&D, but she’s going to have an amazing postpartum recovery as well!

If you want to have this type of experience during your pregnancy, I’d absolutely love to work with you either in person at my clinic in Orange City, IA, or virtually 1:1, or through my membership or online courses. You can contact me here to find the best fit for you!

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