How are you filling your cup?

February 6, 2022

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What does it mean to you to have a filled cup? Does it sound like a dreamy phase that is unrealistic for the average frantic, busy woman living in our current American culture? It sure does to me!

I was asked to speak on this topic a couple of weeks ago at our local @mops in Orange City, and here are a few summary points for you:

Take a look around SM and you’ll find a bunch of people telling you that a filled cup looks like a daily workout, your favorite brew, time with girlfriends, maybe a Mani/Pedi, or a weekly massage. But I’m going to be annoying and tell you this: while these can all be great things – in fact, I love these things! There’s nothing WRONG with these things! And I’m not judging anyone who chooses these things! 🙂 I’m going to encourage us to take a STEP BACK and ask ourselves…is this a biblical answer for the thing we’re looking for? Does this truly satisfy? Will it bring a peace that passes understanding and a “yoke” that is light?

  • My answer is No. Because I can DO all these things and still feel overwhelmed. I can DO all these things and still end up lashing out at my husband or feeling anxious about this or that. That doesn’t mean they’re bad…but if they are our sole pursuit in having a filled cup, we may still wind up empty.

When I started searching the scriptures and looking not just at what Jesus SAID, but also at what He DID…I saw this

  • Jesus got away with the Father and Jesus got away from the crowds
  • Jesus stopped. Jesus served.
  • Jesus’ entire LIFESTYLE was centered around this: doing His Father’s will. How did he do this? By being FILLED with the Father through time away with Him, and also prioritizing HIS ENTIRE LIFE in a way never hurried. He lived in such a way that He had TIME to stop and serve. 

He lived with a minimal schedule and minimal stuff which freed Him to prioritize the most important things – His Father, those He led, and His service to whoever crossed His path. That doesn’t mean that Jesus wasn’t busy. He had a FULL schedule. But it was his time with the Father and His reliance on the Holy Spirit that allowed him to still give time and attention to everyone God brought across His path.

And he did not get caught up in people-pleasing or fear of man. He was not afraid to disappoint people by saying something they might not like or even OFTEN sending crowds away when he needed to be done. He didn’t live to please man…He lived to please His Father.

So how are you filling cup? The mani/pedi isn’t bad or sinful…but don’t look for them to be the way you fill your cup. Enjoy them for what they are…and run to Jesus to bring the peace and JOY that your soul is searching for. 

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