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February 18, 2022

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I’m not sure EXACTLY when athleisure became a thing. I feel like time is wrapped up for me in baby intervals – like was this pre or post kid #1? 🙂 I know I certainly wasn’t wearing joggers OR leggings pre-kid #1-2, but I definitely know I was HERE for ALL the comfortable stretchy waistbands since baby #3! Clothing goes through trends and I’m hoping that these are trends that stay for good!

For the last part of December and ALL of January into February, we had sick kids. It was a VERY long 6 weeks, and when I got dressed for work last week, I realized it had been a while since I put on something with a non-stretchy waistband! 😉 Needless to say, athleisure is a part of my wardrobe on the daily and I’m not ashamed to say I own more joggers/leggings than I do jeans. I like to live an active lifestyle and sneak in movement here and there during my day, and athleisure is a busy, active mom’s best friend.

Ok, so I’m sharing today my TOP ALL TIME favorite QUALITY athleisure pieces that I believe can stand the test of time! I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, but there are some items that just aren’t worth investing in. However, it’s always great to have a few quality pieces that you know you’ll just wear over and over. I recently read about thinking of your purchases not by their price tag, but instead but their worth/wear. I have a few cute things in my closet that only get worn a few times a year, but my joggers get worn multiple times/week, so it might be worth spending a little more on them so they last through their many wears!!

Here are my tried and true favorites:

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  1. ON Cloud slip-on shoes – I’ve owned these now for 2 years and they are the absolute best. I wear these multiple times/week mostly as a casual sneaker, but I will use them for walks or for a strength workout and they are great for that as well! The fact that they’re slip-on and I don’t have to tie any laces is even better!
  2. Vuori Joggers – a friend introduced these to me last year after I complimented her on her cute joggers. I had never heard of Vuori, but of course, as soon as I learned about them, the ads started popping up! 😉 I finally took the plunge a year later after getting to see/feel them at our local Scheels, and let me tell you…I always loved my Salutation joggers from Athleta, but these are now my new absolute favorite! They are meant to be a bit more fitted than regular joggers, and right or wrong, I wear these out of the house ALL the time! I think they’re cute with a tee and jean jacket, or a thin slightly cropped sweatshirt that is front tucked. The options are endless.
  3. Lululemon Align leggings – I’ve heard people rave about these leggings for ages but I was always content with the ones I had and at the time we didn’t have a Lululemon close to us. THEN…we got a store nearby and I decided to give them a try. I’m afraid nothing now compares in my closet to these amazing leggings. Buttery soft, no squeeze on the waist, and a nice high rise! As mentioned by the store employee, they would not be recommended for running/high impact as they’re a looser style (meaning they might start falling down more easily, hence why they feel SO comfortable when wearing casually) and they are prone to pilling if you wear them for higher impact. But for everyday wear, walking, and strength workouts, I think they are perfect.
  4. Athleta Coaster Luxe Sweatshirt – I’ve loved this sweatshirt now for at least 3-4 years and have probably purchased a new color every year. Pros: it’s SO soft, it’s the perfect drape (loose but not baggy or boxy), and it comes in TALLS so it totally works with leggings.
    1. Cons – I’ve learned that it does pill easily. But I love it so much that I still put it on the list! Here’s what I’ve learned – wash it on the delicate cycle and then hang on a rack to air dry – no dryer. If you’re like, “that’s too fussy” then this is NOT the sweatshirt for you. If you have the time for it, then GET it!
  5. Athleta Uptempo Top – another shirt I wear on repeat at least 1x/week. This works great with leggings, joggers, it’s perfect to throw on after a workout and is a great weight for a 50-60 degree day. It also layers well under coats for an added layer in the cold.
  6. Lululemon Love Long Sleeve Shirt – I got this last year and it’s a go-to for me as well. It’s very thin so keep that in mind, but it’s long enough that it can be worn with leggings or looks great front-tucked into my Vuori joggers.
  7. Vuori Long Sleeve Halo Crew – I’m really not a crop top fan, but I’m 5’10” and this one works for me with no belly showing! 😉 I worried about it but it’s become a new favorite. I always wear it with my vuori joggers and it’s the comfiest outfit for lounging, running errands, or a walk/low impact workout.
  8. Albion Fit Basic Tee – love the grey micro stripe – Albion makes great basic tees. Their V-necks are not too low, they are the softest material with the nicest drape, and again, LONG enough without being boxy. This one was a go-to for the past 2 years. I wear it with jean shorts, casual shorts, jeans, joggers, and it could be done with leggings too! 
  9. Veja Rio Branco Sneakers – this is a new-to-me brand. I think I kept seeing them in various places and decided to check them out. I love casual sneakers that can be worn on the daily with just about everything but don’t look too “sporty” if that makes sense. 🙂 These can be worn with everything on the list above, but you could also throw on with jeans and a T. This is the only item that has not been used a lot by me but I wanted to share it b/c I thought it was SO cute, AND they are fair-trade!! I ordered these but sent them back b/c my size was definitely too small. I would recommend sizing up!
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