How do you bless your body when it changes?

August 22, 2023

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Our bodies WILL go through seasons. It’s SUPPOSED to change through adolescence and into adulthood. It’s SUPPOSED to grow with pregnancy. Our body is SUPPOSED to age. And though we KNOW in our heads that this is a natural and normal part of living, culture and media scream a message that there’s something WRONG with you if
– you’re a little soft in the middle.
– you have a few wrinkles.
– you gain “too much” weight during pregnancy or don’t lose every ounce postpartum.
– you don’t have rock-hard abs up until age 60.
– you can’t fit into those pre-baby jeans.
– you change…period.

It’s now that I always feel a need for a <tiny> disclaimer:
I’m not telling you to neglect your body.

You know this is true, but so often we hear this message and think – “By loving my body right + now (even if it’s not “perfect”) I’m accepting it as it is and settling.”

NOT TRUE. Again – that’s culture talking.
The TRUTH is that we can love our bodies right now AND be kind to them by taking care of them.

Kindness might look like:
– Buying a pair of pants that doesn’t hurt to put on
– Doing that HIIT workout today.
– Throwing away the scale b/c you’re no longer going to let it rule your life, OR…
– Stepping on the scale b/c you’re no longer going to let the fear of a number rule your life.
– Showing up without makeup.
– Taking a long bubble bath.
– Taking the time to make a yummy salad.
– Meeting a friend at the gym early morning each day.
– Taking a nap.

But regardless, the KINDEST thing you can do for your body is to treat it with love and allow it to change as it needs to for the season you’re in. There will be seasons for longer workouts and seasons where working out is a luxury (hello, postpartum mama). There will be seasons for more nutritious meals and seasons where PB&J might be a staple. And it’s OK.

Be kind to your body and the season it’s in. Allow it to change as it needs to.
Bless it for the work that it’s done and continues to do.
And remember that this season won’t be forever.
You’re doing good work.

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