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FIVE ways to sneak in some N.E.A.T! 

November 20, 2022

I’m Tanya.
I’ve learned that a little bit of intentionality goes a long way in accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves. This blog is meant to equip you with just that - simple tips, tricks, advice, and encouragement that help you live an intentional life. 
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NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. I was first introduced to NEAT &the importance of it in decreasing stress from @fatlosslifestyleschool. Ever since I have been working at implementing this into my lifestyle b/c I’ve seen how effective it is!! I learned a lot about what nutrition serves my body best from them, but this was a change I wasn’t aware I needed! Here are my top 5 ways to get in some NEAT:

1.After workout cool down walk. Often after teaching my morning class, I’ll walk for 10-20 min just to cool down my muscles &spend time praying before my day begins. Teaching fitness classes is such a get-to, but I often need a little extra time to transition from teaching to the rest of my day!

2.Mid-day 10 min walk – When I’m at home, I schedule these in my day in the morning &afternoon or otherwise I’ll keep busy &completely forget about them. During my days at the clinic, I intentionally schedule my patients a little further apart, which allows for some extra time if patients need, but if not, I’ll decompress &decrease my stress load by getting in 10 min of movement!

3.Walk over noon hour – lately when I drop my daughter off at preschool, I’ll walk for 15-30 min afterward before we go home &continue on with our afternoon. I find it to be a great transition between lunch &work/naptime.

4.Move with your kids after school/ dinner. Kids spend so much time sitting, &even though I’d love for them to get their homework done immediately, I see that my kids crave time to move after school. They often drop their stuff off inside &head outside without even stopping for a snack! 

5.Rather than stopping &scrolling – go move! What do you do when you need a quick mental break? We often open up our phones &mindlessly scroll, but I find that, though my brain TELLS me that this will make me feel better, in all reality it ends up making me feel MORE anxious. We are much better off putting the phone away &moving our bodies for 15 min for a mental break instead. It’s amazing how much better I feel after I move!

All right, what is your favorite way to sneak in some movement? What would you add to my list?

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