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Why Pelvic Core Online Training Works

November 30, 2022

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Have you wondered how Pelvic Core is different from other courses out there or other PTs you’ve possibly seen?

Pelvic Core is my signature program that helps women who are struggling with leaking, ab muscle separation, core weakness, vaginal pressure/heaviness, and low back or pelvic pain. It’s an amazing course for you whether you’re pregnant, newly postpartum, or haven’t had a baby for decades. It’s a product of treating hundreds of patients successfully in person and figuring out HOW the body is designed to function. I’ll let you in on my secret ingredients:

1. We FIRST rule out a tight pelvic floor and start you out on treatment if you’re struggling with tightness. We want to eliminate tightness BEFORE we strengthen.

2. Next we work on isolating the inner core muscles to RETRAIN your brain to connect easily with each one individually.

3. Then we train the inner core as a TEAM because this is how they’re designed to function.

4. We also deal with external issues – fluid intake, habits, posture, etc. that are contributing to your issues.

5. We build BOTH strength and endurance b/c some women struggle with both, and some women only struggle with one or the other.

6. NEXT we train in FUNCTIONAL positions b/c you don’t function on your back.

7. We incorporate into DAILY life b/c we need to train where you leak.

8. Finally we train the brain for INvoluntary action (meaning teaching the brain how to do this on its own without you having to constantly think about it).

Many programs or other PTs often miss one or more of these steps. My program includes them ALL which is a successful formula to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be – reaching all your goals so that you can THRIVE!

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