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April 10, 2023

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I’m a big fan of classic clothing that can stand the test of time. I’ve spent the past few years slowly overhauling my wardrobe to primarily include classic, quality clothing that can be worn in multiple ways. All of the items on this list fall in that category and are ones that I’ve had in my wardrobe for at least 2-3 years now! I used to spend way too much time trying to figure out what to wear and not loving the things that I had, and now my wardrobe is a happy place where I can quickly pick something out and head out the door. I believe a big part of that is because 

  1. Quality classic clothes fit better and last longer 
  2. I’ve learned what I like and what styles work well with my body type. 
  3. I’ve been very selective in only allowing things I love to fill my closet (and things that fit well too – no more hanging onto clothes that are too small or tight). 

Wardrobe investments and thoughtful decisions on clothing are WORTH it b/c who wants to spend 30 min combing through clothes each morning or tugging on a shirt all day? And once you have a pretty good baseline, you only need to update or add something occasionally b/c so much of it will continue to work FOR you, which means less shopping/waste. 

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Ok, here are my go-to’s for the spring:

  • J.Crew white jeans – not too tight, not too loose. I have these jeans in a couple of different washes and consider them a classic style.
  • J.Crew Linen T – lightweight material that hangs so nicely. And you can never go wrong with a classic striped T.
  • J.Crew short-sleeved blouse – everyone always asks me where I find my workwear, and J.Crew is always my go-to for classic styles in unique patterns (and they always have sales!). I have this blouse in a different pattern from last year and love it. It front tucks nicely into pants or jeans and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Cuyana T-shirt – Not a cheap T-shirt, but one that is fair trade and will hold up for years. I purchased a couple of these last year and I reach for them constantly in the spring and summer with jeans or shorts. Perfectly casual, but still the tailoring and material of this T are excellent! I love the company’s motto, “Fewer, better.” Buy fewer things of higher quality that do not fuel fast fashion and poor labor conditions for others – Yes, please! I love supporting companies that have this same mindset!
  • Able Jean Jacket – nothing says classic like a jean jacket in spring and the Merly from Able does not disappoint. I’ve had mine for years now and it’s still a go-to and better yet, somehow soft and not stiff like typical jean jackets.
  • Soludos Espadrille Flats – I love a good espadrille shoe or sandal in the spring and summer. This one combines the cuteness of a typical espadrille with the comfort of a flat, so it’s easy to wear for running around errands while still looking a little bit put together!
  • Able crossbody purse – this small but mighty purse goes with me everywhere now that I’m past my diaper bag days. It might not be trendy, but I think a good leather purse can defy trends and work anytime, any season. I’ve had this one around for 2-3 years and use it almost daily. It’s Fairtrade from a company that supports women and is working to help lift families out of poverty.
  • Able Gold Hoop Earrings – if you have seen me in the past 3 months, most likely I was wearing these! By far my favorite earring lately, I have them on most days. They make a small statement without being obnoxious or heavy. Again, they’re fairtrade so though you’ll easily find something similar out there at a lower price point, these help support women vs. fueling slave labor. 
  • Vuori Halo Crew – I love this lightweight long-sleeved top that goes great with joggers. I have this shirt in a similar color and love it for spring and fall. 
  • Vuori Performance Joggers – my favorite comfy jogger of all time. I have some Athleta joggers that I really like, but these are the ones I reach for almost every day. They also come in longs if you’re tall like me!
  • On slip-on tennies – my very favorite run-around shoes. These are on my feet multiple times/week, most likely b/c I’m lazy and I don’t have to tie them! 🙂 But they’re crazy comfortable and have tons of colors to choose from!
  • Noonday necklace – in all transparency, I don’t own this necklace, but it’s just so sweet for spring. Pretty much the only jewelry I wear is simple necklaces or earrings, and this would fit the bill. Noonday is also a fair trade company that supports women and families with a fair living wage. 
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