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July 31, 2023

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I’m a bit of a closet curator. Now that my body isn’t in a phase of life where it’s constantly changing (as it does with pregnancy and postpartum), it’s been easier to really figure out what I like, what colors and styles look good on my body, and what’s worth investing in (and what isn’t). I appreciate quality pieces because:

  1. They usually fit better
  2. They last so much longer (less waste)
  3. Most of the time they’re created in an intentional way while paying others a fair living wage. Cheaper products are usually made with cheaper labor – oftentimes even slave labor, and so whenever I can, I try to research the companies I buy from. It does mean that products will be more expensive, but then I know that my purchase is actually helping someone else who’s trying to put their kids through school or put food on the table, vs. furthering the need for slave labor/child labor.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t always in a place in life where I could purchase more expensive products. I no longer need several new shirts or shorts each season. If I get one great pair of jean shorts, they might last me 5 years. The same goes for everything on this list – I would make these purchases only if I knew they were timeless enough for at least 5 years of use. I’d much rather save up for a higher quality product and get only 1 of them vs. splurging on a bunch of cheaper products.

Another way I appreciate making buying decisions is to think about cost/wear. For instance, I LOVE purchasing a beautiful dress, but the reality is that I rarely wear dresses, so buying a super spendy dress or one that I’ll really only wear on a trip or occasional date night isn’t a great way to spend my money. However, buying a more expensive pair of sandals that I’ll literally wear every day in the summer for 5 years brings the cost/wear down crazy low.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy getting some new ideas! Maybe you’ll want to keep an eye on some end-of-season sales, maybe these are products for someday, for a gift idea, or maybe they encourage you just to do some checking behind the products you purchase as well.

  • Lake Pajamas – Scallop Short Set – I’ve been a fan of Lake Pajamas for a few years now. I used to be a “wear whatever old T is laying around” kind of girl. But then I started working on my sleep routine and bought my first pair of real pajamas…and I was hooked! Putting on a beautiful and comfy pair of pajamas is sort of like a reward for going to bed…and it’s a signal to your brain to start settling down. If you think about it, you wear pajamas for 6-8 hours/day! That’s as long as you wear work clothes! Why not have a pair or two you really like?
  • AGolde – Parker Long Shorts – There IS a difference in denim, and AGolde has it figured out. These are by far my FAVORITE pair of jean shorts. I could literally wear them every single day. They’re flattering, an appropriate length, and I like them just as well as my athletic shorts…and I’m totally the girl who chooses joggers over jeans, so that’s saying something. 😉
  • Athleta – Outbound Tee – Normally I don’t splurge as much on shirts b/c I don’t always think that it pays off. You can pay for a higher-priced shirt and I don’t always think the quality is there, plus trends in shirts change so much that I don’t always think you’ll get your money’s worth. But I did have to share this b/c the material is fantastic and the cut is superb. It’s not too short, not too long, fitted but not TOO fitted. It’s soft and substantial, but not so thick that you’d get too hot wearing it in summer. I only have it in white (b/c practical) but I’d buy it in other colors if it came in others I liked!
  • Madewell – Transport Tote – I’ve had this purse for at least 3-4 years and I often have people asking me where I got it from! It’s the perfect spring/summer tote with its woven design, it still looks like it’s brand new, and it’s a perfect size if you like to carry a few things around but don’t need a massive tote. It does not have a zipper so that’s its only con, but it does have a small zippered pouch on the inside.
  • Able – Selma earrings – I’m a huge fan of Able bags and earrings…I’m actually an even bigger fan of the brand as a whole! I think any gold hoop is about as timeless as they come. I don’t have these but I think they’re super cute!
  • Janessa Leone – Simone Hat – this was my splurge 2 years ago. I love wearing hats anytime I’m by the lake, beach, or pool. I’m past the age where I care if my face is tan – I just want to keep the sun off my face as much as possible, and I LOVE this hat not only because of the style but because it’s a packable hat – meaning you can keep it folded in a bag for 24 hours and it will bounce right back to its original shape. It’s perfect for flying and putting in a suitcase or when your car is packed to the brim on vacation! I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it, and most of all, it’s from an ethical company. I imagine I’ll use this hat for many years to come, and already the cost/wear on it is so low since I made that original purchase.
  • Warby Parker – Aubrey Sunglasses – This was my first experience with Warby Parker and I think I’m hooked. 8 years ago I bought my first pair of quality sunglasses from a different company. I questioned how wise of a purchase it was, but it turns out, when you spend more on something you not only take better care of it, but the quality of those glasses meant I had them for several years! In fact, I still have them! But I was ready for a new style. This time I decided to try out Warby Parker. I loved that I could try them on for free at home and then order what I liked. I also love that they have both narrow and wide widths depending on your face shape. My husband has a more narrow head and struggles to find glasses that fit him well, but we found several that worked and were able to easily nail down one that he has used constantly this summer. We both love our glasses from Warby Parker and would use them again in the future if needed.
  • Beek – Gallito Sandals – Darn you targeted ads. 🙂 I knew nothing about Beek but somehow they found me. I thought their sandals looked cute and had a timeless quality to them, but of course, I had to research the company to find out if there was more to them than just a cute shoe. Turns out they are a fantastic company that I really wanted to do business with. I debated ALL summer about trying out one of their sandals b/c they certainly aren’t cheap. But their reviews are phenomenal and honestly, I hadn’t found a sandal company that had such ethical practices AND made a sandal that was both cute (in a non-bulky way) AND high quality. I got my first pair on sale recently. I can’t speak yet to the longevity of the product, but I WILL say that they’re both cute and comfy! I’ve been wearing them constantly since I got them, and if the reviews are true, I believe they should last for many years to come.
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