The secrets about postpartum weight loss

December 2, 2022

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  1. Not everyone loses tons of weight with breastfeeding
  2. You can lose the weight and still be in a different size 
  3. You can’t compare to someone else’s weight loss journey or even your own at a different time in life.
  4. Shame feels like a motivator but it never leads to Freedom
  5. 9 months in and 9 months out is not a good rule of thumb for postpartum weight loss. Don’t let anyone (including YOU) put your body on a timeline.

Weight loss is a very personal journey…postpartum weight loss included. It’s easy to see one person’s journey and think yours should look like theirs. It’s also easy to compare yourself to YOU at a different stage in life and think that it should look like that again. Well-meaning people will tell you what to expect, but the problem is that those well-meaning words may not be appropriate for you…bc you aren’t THEM. 

Friend, wherever you’re at, please stay FREE. Remember that your body is a GOOD GIFT from the Lord and has done some amazing things. Be KIND to it. It just grew a human, gave birth to a human, and may now be nourishing one. Its primary goal is to keep your child alive and healthy. Give GRACE to your body and all it’s been through, and all it will continue to do for you.  

Give GRACE to yourself…one of your primary purposes is taking care of your little one, so though it’s great to move our bodies and fuel them well, I totally get that these things are also seasonal, and there will be some seasons where we have more margin for this than others. I’m not saying give up or just do whatever you want. I’m saying treat it with kindness for the season you’re in and offer yourself grace. Life won’t always look like this. 

One more thing…you can find health and fullness of life in multiple sizes. Don’t believe the only good size is size 2 and a six-pack. God created your body good. He created you to carry and birth a baby. He’ll show you how to care for it in kindness postpartum. 

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