A tip for living well: Feel your feelings. And test your thoughts.

October 8, 2022

I’m Tanya.
I’ve learned that a little bit of intentionality goes a long way in accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves. This blog is meant to equip you with just that - simple tips, tricks, advice, and encouragement that help you live an intentional life. 
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A tip for living well: Feel your feelings. And test your thoughts.

Do you know that your feelings and thoughts affect your physical body? I’ve learned from talking with friends and clients that some of us are great at feeling our feelings…and we get stuck there. Others of us would like to push them down and ignore them – just pretend that they aren’t there.

I’m personally a feeler. We’re told that feeling is healthy, and yes, there is some truth to that, but if we just feel our feelings without doing anything with those feelings, we’re likely to get stuck in a pit.

The truth is: our feelings can’t be trusted. Feelings aren’t always true and we have to then be able to differentiate what is true and what is a lie. This is where we need the Word of God. Without the Word, we have no way to know whether something is true or false. But hold it up to the Word, and we will be much closer to knowing what to DO with our feelings.

Example: I hate my body and I’m sad that it doesn’t look how I want it to look.
Truth: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

God designed the female body and He declared it GOOD. He didn’t say only a size 2 is good. Or only those who have a thigh gap are good. Feel those feelings – it’s ok to say them out loud and process them. But then reject the lie. Reject the lie that your body is never allowed to change, or should look like it did when you were 16. Those are lies meant to keep you in the pit. If you feel the feelings and never bring them back to Truth, you’ll just stay in the pit. But feeling the feelings and THEN processing with the Father and changing your BELIEF is where true healing comes!

Are you a feeler or a stuffer? Friends, you’re not meant to stay stuck. You’re meant to live FREE in body, mind, and spirit! You are meant to live abundantly. Next time you’re tempted to stuff, try feeling. And next time you feel, make sure you take it one step further so that your feeling can LEAD to abundance

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