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Stop Hovering in Public Restrooms

October 3, 2022

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Here’s my Wednesday QUICK TIP to help your pelvic floor…Stop hovering in public restrooms.

“Why is hovering bad? Public restrooms are gross!”

Yes, I totally agree, but please hear me out. Hovering is a bad habit because we want our pelvic floor to be RELAXED to fully empty, and it’s nearly impossible to fully relax the pelvic floor WHILE semi-standing/squatting over the toilet.

In addition, hovering might mean we need to PUSH OUT our pee against a semi-contracted pelvic floor, which means PRESSURE against the pelvic floor, which can (over time) contribute to pelvic floor weakness and prolapse.

Now I get it – you don’t want to sit on the same toilet seat as hundreds of other people! But put down a toilet seat cover or even just put some toilet paper on the top of the seat, and SIT. DOWN.

Research shows that the toilet seat isn’t as contaminated as your own phone, purse, computer keyboard, faucet, etc!

Be kind to your pelvic floor and it will be kind to you.

Curious what other toilet habits might be affecting your Pelvic floor? Check out my FREE PDF. Looking for more individualized help? Join us for Pelvic Core Online Training.  Where are my “hoverers” at? ‍♀️ Can you change your ways? Yes or no?

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