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Myth Debunked: Kegels are not the only pelvic floor exercise

October 14, 2022

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Myth Debunked

Kegels are not the only pelvic floor exercise. In fact, ANY exercise can be a pelvic floor (and deep core!) exercise when we know how to incorporate our breathing and deep core activation into them.

Why is this important?

  1. Because the pelvic floor isn’t just a group of muscles that keep you from peeing your pants. It’s a STABILIZATION muscle that keeps you from getting injured and helps you move more efficiently and effectively. What does this mean? Everyone should care about and train their pelvic floor.
  2. We should use our pelvic floor during our workouts. It’s not just something that we train when we’re sitting at stoplights or laying in bed. If we want to MOVE well, we need to train our BRAIN to kick in our pelvic floor muscles to HELP us move well. In fact, your pelvic floor might be the weak link to your back, pelvic, and hip pain even if you don’t have any leaking issues.

If you go through my pelvic core course I teach you how to take your pelvic floor from beginner to functional level, and if you want to incorporate it into intense exercise.

What’s your biggest challenge in strengthening your pelvic floor?

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