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Is this hindering your postpartum healing?

October 30, 2023

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An all-or-none mentality is hindering your postpartum healing.

You compare what you used to do for exercise before babies and feel like a failure because you no longer can spend 45-60 minutes at the gym each day. I get it – b/c I personally have struggled with this, as have many of my patients.

But believing that you have to do it ALL to make gains is like believing you need to dump a gallon of water on a flower each day to see it grow. I always told myself I didn’t have a green thumb. By August, my flowers were dead. Why? Not b/c I didn’t have time to water them. It only took 10 min to walk around my house and get it done. The problem was that it STOPPED being a PRIORITY. I got bored. I started forgetting. And my flowers died.

So, 2 summers ago, I challenged myself. I told myself I would remember that it didn’t take that long and WOULD be worth it. And what do you know? Taking an extra 10 minutes of watering my flowers, even every other day, kept them alive all summer. I didn’t need to dedicate a big chunk of my day. They just needed a <little more> dedication than I was giving them.

You guys, it’s the SAME with postpartum exercise. You think it’s not worth it if it doesn’t look like it did before babies. But in all reality, if you dedicated 15 min/day to SMART movement, you’d be amazed at how fast you’d heal and how much better you’d FEEL!

You are meant for abundance, but abundance isn’t perfection. And your belief that you don’t have enough time is actually holding you back from it. If you have 15 min/day to dedicate to moving your body, I’d love to have you join me in Level-Up. Level-Up is my premier rehab-meets-fitness membership for the postpartum mom who wants to move smart, gain strength, ditch fear, and get her workout done in 15 minutes/day. I’ll show you how to fit it in, in the pockets of the day, and how you too can get “back in shape” (you already have a GOOD shape, but you know what I mean) 😉 with just a tiny bit of time.

We’re doing a 14-day trial for $14 through Wednesday only! Join us!

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